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  • Russ - I like the the premise and the actors

    I like the the premise and the actors. I just think I would like to see one of these characters actually win at one of their endeavors. No matter what they do to improve themselves they seem to always end up eating the same sh#t sandwich! I know,I know, THAT IS THE PREMISE...

  • Faith Beaupre - Disappointed

    Unfortunately for my skin type the Resurgence did not work at all. Maybe I have very sensitive skin around my eyes. I was told how tired I looked and the puckering around my eyes got worse, I really didn't have any until I started using the eye cream. I also seemed to develop deeper crows feet. I have stopped using the product and have gone back to what I was using. Between that and a cucumber cream my eyes are going back to the way they were. I know people have had great results but if u have very sensitive skin this might not be the way to go. Unfortunately it was a waste of money.

  • Wolf4020 - Good grounding pad

    Been using for some time now. Amazing how it works. I even tested it with a multimeter because I was skeptical. You can tell the difference when you sleep on it .

  • Book Baby - Disappointing-not nearly as fun or interesting as previous versions

    I've purchased quite a few of these Guinness World Record books for my 7th grade students, and they are always a hit, with the exception of this most recent 2013 version. Previous editions are full of photos, drawing readers irresistably through fascinating/horrifying images of five-foot fingernails or hundreds of facial piercings. But this new edition is mostly tiny text -- SNOOZE! Maybe Guinness finally started to run out of creepy pictures. Had to happen sometime!

  • Delaney Boyce - Useless

    The test questions are not related at all to the reading material, which by itself is annoying, but then you realize that the answers provide no explanation, so there is no way to go back and see why you got the questions wrong! There were a few grammatical errors and typos as well that have made me question the validity of the book overall. I will have to purchase other alternatives to study from. I wish I had returned this before my window closed because I feel that this book is absolutely useless. There is not even one mention of ABGS!!!!!

  • sophiesdad - New product

    I'm thinking of manufacturing a competitor for this product with a far more imaginative name: MINGE TINGE! or BLIFF LIFT!

  • Kindle Customer - Love this mascara

    Love this mascara! Great coverage and stays on all day. However, the application wand is a little big to me.