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  • Melina Lantz - Answer to phil's uneducated rantings.

    First of all Anne would have died 10 years or more ago if she didn't do what she did. The reason she died was because Conventional medicine damaged her liver to the point that nothing would help. The fact that she got 10 glorious years is a miracle in itself. 2ndly, What rock are you living under. Anne death was publicized. I heard about it right after it happened.

  • Georgette McKenzie - Great when it worked

    This is my 2nd one. First one bought 2 October 2015 and it lasted 6 months. I cannot figure out how to return it. Far too difficult return policy. When it was working, it was wonderful. That is why l am ordering another one.

  • Matt - The Death of The Diablo Series

    I am a huge fan of Diablo and Diablo 2. I played both games for a very long time, i.e, years; the latter more than the former. In D2, I played Hardcore mode.

  • mulerider952 - well im a bit mixed on this product..

    It has all kinds of cool apps for my kids to enjoy. Some quality learning stuff but a bit over priced. Downloading them can be a pain.. and the tablet will freak out once and a while. For some reason it has to redownload everything that is on it.. at the worst times possible. Great learning tablet but at times waaay too slow. I must say it can take a beating as well.

  • John Wilcox - Easy To Use & Bug Free, So Far

    I decided to give McAfee Anti-Virus a try, so I switched from Norton Anti-Virus to McAfee's Total Protection 2015. It downloaded and installed easily, and so far, no viruses have gotten through. If a virus does make it through, I'll update this review, even if I have to do it from another, virus free computer.

  • Mel S. Stark - perfect fit

    These floor liners fit like a glove. I was amazed at the tolerances to the exact size of car. These were expensive but I'm really glad I bought them; this Winter is absolutely horrible in Northern Illinois. I highly recommend these liners. They are worth the money.

  • Gayla - Great for property owners.

    I just started managing my dad's apartment. This program is a definate bonus to keeping track of everything. I like that it keeps clients/tenants information along with rental information all in one place. Plus, I did my dad's taxes with this program so that is a bonus.