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  • Heather - Great price for food-based multivitamin for teens

    My 12-year-old daughter recently decided to try eliminating meat (beef & pork, and eventually poultry) from her diet, and as part of my agreement to support her I requested that she incorporate a multivitamin into her daily eating plan. She has celiac disease which means she is very strictly 100% gluten-free by necessity; I needed to make sure anything she would be taking fell into that category. I also wanted to find a multivitamin to support her rapidly growing body; she's been going through a pre-pubescent growth spurt these past few months and was starting to develop some mild acne on her nose and forehead even though I taught her to wash her face daily over a year ago.

  • Alicia Marie - Perfect for DIY people! Very robust feeling. Practice first if you've never used one since instructions seem lacking

    This is a great kit for someone looking to do recessed lighting themselves and is fairly handy. (Or needs to make holes often!) Since my husband is fairly tall and headspace is always a luxury for him, we were happy to receive a discount on this item in exchange for an honest review since recessed lighting was something we were looking at doing and we are big DIY people. When the kit first arrived I was impressed that it came with its own case. This helps keep all the small parts easy to find and protect the blades and guard. I didn't think about other uses when ordering, but if you need a nice clean hole and don't have room for a bunch of extra tools laying around this is nice and compact and will get the job done cleanly. It is actually much more useful and versatile than I first thought it would be!

  • M. Hayes - Wait before you upgrade..Beta version at best

    I've been a Quicken for about the last 20 years, upgrading about every other year. I switched to the Rental Property Manager version about two years ago. I must say that this is absolutely the worst Quicken upgrade experience I have had to date (and I've had plenty of bad ones, but none so bad to compel me to post a review). I upgraded to 2013 about two weeks ago and I am still trying to fix all of the problems it has created with my 20 years of transactions. Here are some of the issues: I now have accounts that were long closed now showing balances, there were dozens of trasctions that had been previously reconciled that became unreconciled (Quicken just released a upgrade today for this problem), my current checking account which was reconciled and balanced before the upgrade is now off by over $5,000 in transactions that I have no idea where to start looking back through my paper statements that fortunately I have on-hand.

  • Cinchicago - Great gift - well maid

    Bought this for a few of the men in my life for Xmas and it was a big hit. It's a great gift idea for all ages - I had one 27, 55, 75 all men that do yard ward outdoors and they are constantly raving about how much the put it to use every day. Highly recommended. Well made.

  • M. Wilson - great mats

    These mats are well made. I particularly love that the back seat mat actually covers the center hump. Great for the grandbabies! However, because of the Ford Fusion design, and because I have long legs which means the seat is set back quite a bit, the front mats seem a bit small. Nevertheless, I concede that they do fit perfectly into the indented space. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I like the protection these mats provide.

  • Kenya Perez - Perfect for my tv!

    I got this mount for my 55" Samsung tv that hangs in the Living Room. I was a little hesitant considering that the tv is very large and heavy but the material this mount is made of feels very strong and durable. Everything I needed, including the screws and a drill bit, was included in the box. My tv looks great on the wall and its holding up great. I love it.