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  • Huntered67 - you get what you pay for

    Got the set to use on some basic car maintenence, one of the sockets broke in under 5 minutes. One of the walls of hex inside the socket failed and cracked so that it just flexes open any time you try to use it.

  • mohamad saleh - not satisfied

    Im disappointed the 11 size wasnt like the 11 in the airmax 2013 :(i always wear 11 in nike now im affraid from the online shopping again

  • Shirley Krieger - Forced Update

    I'm running 2011. And I'm being forced to update to 2014 or else my 2011 will not work with my bank. To a product that for most people DOESN'T WORK properly. How can Intuit do this ? It should be illegal. I think there maybe should be a class action lawsuit or something. How can a company make you pay for a product that does not work by taking away the functionality of a product you are using and paid for ?? What a terrible company ! But they have us by the you know what because it is so difficult to switch to another company's product. Shameful. And probably illegal. Any lawyers out there ???

  • Tanja - A magazine of the times

    Beautiful work. Great clean lines, photography, articles are thoughtful and presentation overall is balanced. Well edited and curated. A magazine of the times.

  • W Holder - Great AutoCAD for Mac

    I have used AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT on PC off and on for a long time. I am not a professional CAD operator, I use it for basic blueprining of parts prior to being put into production.

  • sla68 - CD is defective

    This book is required for my class. While the book's content seems good so far, I have had to purchase this twice. My initial purchase was from the college bookstore. The interactive CD worked fine twice but afterwards all I get is an error message stating that BookonCD.exe has stopped working. An inspection of the CD revealed a small defect on the edge of the CD so I communicated with tech support at to ask how to resolve this. The CD is required for me to complete class assignments. I was hoping I could download the content from their website but I was told my hard drive must have damaged the CD and I would need to purchase a new book in order to get a new CD.

  • Daniel Reese - Very fast, very effective water filter

    Used this in Bryce Canyon last week. Worked perfectly. Much faster than my old water filter, and just needed me to put my weight on it. Seems like I get close to 1/2 liter of clean water in about 15-20 seconds.