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  • G. Dent - Connectivity issues {Fixed}

    Someone before mentioned issues with the computer remaining connected to wireless. I had the same connection issues, but they were fixed with a driver update (this is a VivoBook X540SA.)

  • OG Sasquatch - cheap entry level video/music editing burning suite

    As title states.... I find it works well. It's not a professional or Hollywood suite of tools. If you are not very savvy in the ways of video production especially though, you don't need that. This is a simpler on than say trying to figure out Adobe Premiere with hundreds of things to learn. It also seems to work well just burning vids and discs of other types too. I bought it as a lightning deal download for 15 bucks and got photoshop 4 with it, just to see how far Roxio had come in about 10 years when I last owned their burning software. They try hard to get you to "update cheaply" to NXT2 and Photoshop Pro and etc... but I just wanted to know what this version was like

  • Galin - Great deal for a Crosstrek

    They fit perfectly on my 2016 Crosstrek. Nice bars at about a third of dealership price. I removed the rubber piece from the top of each connector and they look factory.

  • Rik Dawg - Please take your seats and let's begin...

    It's a great intro to Office at a relatively low price. Though the videos, specifically the audio, didn't meet broadcast standards, the information is very helpful and well laid out. It's mostly the basics; but it does touch on more advanced features. It also covers many of the similar functions in 2007 and 2010 versions. As an Office user for many years (and versions), I didn't find any mind-blowing tricks here; but I would definitely advise it for beginners. It's like going to a class that you can revisit as often as you like.