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  • That one girl - Slumber party wars

    It's was a really good book it got boring at first and then it's like bam alot of good juicy details and it just makes the story a whole lot better and I wish I could get all of her books she is really good at writing books she should write alot more books !!!!!!!!! :) loved her book

  • Teresa Little - I bought one and it does t do a good job at all

    I just saw. A commercial for this razor. I bought one and it does t do a good job at all? No better than any other women's razor. Especially if you wanted to use it for facial hair. Not any better than there. Might as will use the little trimmer for for 9.99 and throw it away when it get dull

  • SacSteve - Popular Science Mag one of the reasons for going Kindle Fire

    I frequent doctors offices(Ugh) and usually I'm treated to the magazines left behind by Pharmaceutical Reps .You know the ones. Or Gardening Magazines. So when I decides to graduate from my early kindle to a full color model one of the reasons had to do with that boring time staring at some innocuous painting

  • Kenneth G. - Not worth upgrading until they work out the bugs...

    Some nice features, and ability to customize. However, the software is VERY VERY buggy. I constantly get errors with the sync feature. Windows that pop-up to either allow you to fill information or get help suddenly disappear behind other windows. Very annoying. Did not have nearly as many problems with my older version. Would not recommend buying.

  • Rough Country Dude - Failure to Generate any Conclusive Relevance

    Intense amount of information and research i.e. historical background is well qualified, however the book lacks any kind of applicable or conclusive theories based on the premises as identified. It basically becomes very confusing in the closing chapters, leaves you going in circles versus providing empirical or quantitative information that would provide an individual at a minimum some directional focus. Scripture interprets scripture, however this book lacks the ability to draw any conclusive relevance to the theories as developed with the closing chapters...