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  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/our-services/ Our services | Counties Manukau Health - Counties Manukau Health is funded to provide health and disabilities services to the Counties Manukau region.
  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/for-patients-and-visitors/ For patients and visitors | Counties Manukau Health - Information for patients and visitors at Middlmore hospital and Manukau Super Clinic. Includes what to bring, eligibility, your rights, visiting hours, map, directions, parking and our food policy
  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/healthy-together/ Healthy together | Counties Manukau Health - Find out more about how to improve your health and well being. We care about achieving health equity for our community. Together we are more likely to live a long and healthy life if you grow up and live in a healthy home, safe neighborhood with a good school, healthy environment and people who will affirm and support you.
  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/for-health-professionals/ For health professionals | Counties Manukau Health - Counties Manukau Health provides information and resources for health professionals including policies and resources about professional development.
  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/careers/ Careers | Counties Manukau Health - Counties Manukau is one of the largest employers in the wider Counties Manukau region. With more than 7,000 staff, we see to empower the clinical and management leaders of the future with the mindset and capacity to collaborate and innovate
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  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/our-services/after-hours-and-emergencies/ After hours & emergencies | Counties Manukau Health - If you or a family member are unwell at night, during the weekend or on a public holiday, ring Healthline 0800 611 166 or your GP. If someone is badly injured or has trouble breathing, ring 111 and ask for an ambulance
  • http://cmdhbhome.cwp.govt.nz/about-us/what-we-do/governance/board-and-committees/ Board & committees | Counties Manukau Health - CMDHB is governed by a board of eleven members, seven of whom are elected by the community, and four, including the Chair, who are appointed by the Minister of Health.
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