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  • louvejita - My favorite to date

    The saga continues on this third book of the Journeyman Series. The great demon Dajjal is now among the humans, the Order is trying to form alliances with monsters and creatures of the night alike to fight the Noctis and the Elves are on the verge of war over one of the Solomon Six.

  • adamtforbes - but pretty much the same as any other vitamin C supplement

    It works, but pretty much the same as any other vitamin C supplement. Great marketing though and my dad consistently has me ordering more boxes of it for him.

  • Amazon Customer - Good game but crappy guitar

    Bought this for my son. He really enjoyed it until the guitar broke. He had it for only a couple of weeks. We returned it with no problems because amazon is awesome. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Picked up a fender guitar, strap, picks, a carrying case and the game with the wire all for the same price as the bundle. The fender guitar is soooo much better then the guitar that comes with the game. My son was always tuning the guitar after every song. The fender always stays tuned.

  • Sanda - very simple to use

    meat grinder really does work really really well I've read some of the other reviews and it's still kind of skeptical because I never know but I was really shocked at the quality of this sand it did take a couple extra days to get here because they were out of stock and how to get more in but they still shipped if I believe overnight after that and I want to thank you for reading this review I really hope it's an answer questions about it is very simple to use you simply just stick the meat in there and cry and you can also try to do too much anything grind and I think it will still work just the same so fun to have little kids try to help with it simply because if they deny my ear feels a lot better if you were kids are really really small discount to leave after testing it out and definitely I'm still the same I'm recommending it to anybody

  • MJWIL - I love Emminence

    I use various Emminence products and I just love them. I have mild Rosacea and their cleansers and moisturizers are the only ones I have found that I can use again and again without my skin errupting. In fact, they help soothe it.