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  • JimR - One Heck of a Phone for the Price!

    They say that you get what you pay for. Blu phones are a GREAT exception to the rule. Because the company does not do much advertising (I found out about them in a PC Magazine), their phones are dirt cheap / but as good as they come. When I took this phone to T-Mobile the sales people were amazed at the quality and screen. When I told them how much I paid, one of them started to take notes.

  • jayhawkker - I've used this in my 1-acre lot for 4 years. It works.

    Follow the directions so you don't trap snakes IN your yard. THis is very effective. I reapply every 3 months in snake season, and we just don't see them. We did before: at least 2 rattlers a year in the back yard, pls 5-6 others. DO NO HANDLE without gloves. I'm sure it has ground up mothballs in it. The odor goes away after a day or two, esp. after you water.

  • Amazon Customer - Redesign is disappointing

    The recent redesign is very disappointing. The diapers are now thinner, not as soft, the wetness indicator is off-center (which gives the appearance that the quality is poor), the legs aren't nearly as elastic, and the tape is lower and of a weird stretchy consistency which doesn't make me feel like they are ever fitting my daughter well. I contacted the company about the changes, and they said they were going to pass along my comments. We have been using Pampers Swaddlers for over 3 years now, first with our older child and now with our daughter, but I am considering ending my monthly subscribe and save subscription and going with a different brand. I am so disappointed when companies make changes that they try to tell us are better, but in the end, it's all about saving the company money. So sad.

  • Kevin R. Jenkins - I buy my wife one of these every Christmas

    This is the gift that continues giving every day of the year! My wife loves starting her day with a New Yorker cartoon and often texts them on to me. This is at the top of her annual Christmas list.