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  • Amazon Customer - Research them all b4 u buy!!!

    I have not tried this, however there is a lawsuit filed against the makers of glucosamine chondroitin. The suit is basically about the makers claiming it reduces inflammation and pain but it really doesn't. I have chronic pain and inflammation and am hesitant on buying everything that says it cures this or reduces that. You must research everything before you buy it! I cannot stress that enough! Just like omega xl product. Says same thing. However I see better reviews about that product and I dont see any reports about side effects like heart palpitations, speedy heart rate, anxiety, etc. I too, have experienced that with other so called supplements or popular products like lipozine for example. I thought I was going to have a heart attack after taking that for less than a week! Please people, do the research and read posts by regular people, not ones from celebs because they, unlike the rest of us, get paid for endorsements. Someone mentioned taking alfalfa instead. I may try omega xl or alfalfa. Tumeric works too BTW. But I haven't found anything yet, that completely makes my pain go away permanently and hope one day to find one instead of pain medication management... Good luck!

  • Sherry - This was nice for the first couple of weeks

    This was nice for the first couple of weeks. I liked it because it was easy for my daughter to use and it also got the back of her hair easily. Then the end pieces started falling off. Keep in mind that my daughter has thin hair and always brushed her hair before use. It stopped working completely a month after purchase. I will never buy one again.

  • Amazon Customer - This product definitely works!

    This is the best product that I have found to increase milk supply. When I pumped prior to using this product, I only got 10-15 ounces of breast milk in a 24hr period. After taking the capsules as directed, when I pump I am consistently getting 20-25 ounces in a 24hr period. Well worth the investment.