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  • Kolton Etcheson - It's an excellent product. For the price is projects an excellent ...

    It's an excellent product. For the price is projects an excellent quality picture and it has convinced me to say goodbye to TVs. You can get better projectors by placing them on on angles. This projector is for my bedroom and it is perfect. My friends have looked at it and they also want to purchase one. Great product

  • Ken N - Incorrect product description

    The product description states: "The HitchSafe fits all other makes and models including RV's, all OEM and all aftermarket hitch receivers." This is incorrect. I have a 2009 Chevy HD2500 with a factory installed hitch. The holes in the hitchsafe does not mate with the holes in my receiver. The misaligned by about 3/8" with all the foam spacers removed.

  • Jackie Valvardi - Was OK. Short Story fans might enjoy.

    Was ok. I'm not a short story fan and we read this for book club. Stories were interesting but sad. I don't think a single one had a great ending. Wouldn't have read it if it weren't for book club.

  • Thisiskrista - Very proud of this product

    I only gave one less star than I wanted to because of the inconsistence in pricing in the last year. I used to buy this for $30-$35 a bottle then suddenly it went up to $50. Unreasonable considering only a month's supply. You know what though??? It actually works. For me anyway. That's why I keep buying it :-) Anyone who says it doesn't, perhaps genetically they are incompatible somehow or it's body chemistry. I've never been this satisfied with any "hair" product ever.

  • Martin A. Negron - From normal to lucky

    Jim Collins is trying to find the characteristics of what makes a good company a great company. His findings are supported by an extensive analysis of 1,435 companies for a period of 30 years. He uses a scientific approach to analyze his data and his results provide good information however, I have to disagree with the fundamental assumptions and definitions he used to present the idea. The Webster's dictionary defines great as "markedly superior in character or quality" and the same dictionary defines quality as "degree of excellence". The author's definition of great is only based on stock market returns to investors. The investors would probably agree with his definition of great because they want to maximize their returns but a company should not be evaluated only for the money it can produce. Abraham Lincoln summarized the idea for an institution to exist when he said, "Determine that the things can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way."