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  • Cynthia Foster, MD - Worked great, then broke after 3 months, can't return

    Loved it when I first received it. It's lightweight and easy to use. The red color is nice. The detachable steamer with different attachments was great, and I used it to steam my couch, pillows and upholstered chairs. The microfiber pads are ok, and they did a passable job on my kitchen floor. The carpet glide attachment allowed me to steam my carpeting as well, which was very convenient (that I could do all of these things with 1 machine). Unfortunately, it broke within 3 months, and it no longer steams. It just spits out cold water now which makes it useless. I expected more considering the price of over $100. It helped defeat a biting mite infestation, for which I'm very grateful. My return window was March 6 (2 months after purchase) with Amazon, so I can't return it to Amazon. Hundred dollars down the drain. Wish I would have bought it from QVC- I heard they are very helpful when the product is defective - I think they send you a refurbished one if yours breaks. After talking to Haan customer service, they told me they would send a replacement cap. I don't even think this was the problem. I had another Haan - different model and using the cap from my working Haan did not fix the problem. To add insult to injury, it's been over 1 month since they said they would send the replacement cap and I have not received anything in the mail. They've told me I must pay the shipping to return the unit. Wish I would've known, I would have kept the box. What a PIA.

  • Alyssa - No more fear of poison oak

    I get poison oak pretty badly from my cat. Although I take many precautions, knowing I have zanfel now makes everything a little less scary. In short, I love zanfel!!! Not only does it drastically speed up the healing process, but in order to use it, you get to itch! It feels soooo good, and then the rash gets better. I would be zanfel's spokesperson for free.

  • V. Acevedo - Over priced and cheap quality

    In Europe we had our own Soda Siphon growing up. I was happy to find Sodastream in the U.S., I've been craving for carbonated water. When it arrived I was so excited to try but the whole thing is so cheap looking plastic. Pressing the plastic buttons on the back it felt like the whole thing will fall apart. It didn't even want to open the back. I was afraid to use more force. So I gave up. Requested a refund and shipping this thing back. In Europe, it costs cents to have something like this. I don't understand why in the US carbonated water is so expensive.

  • atticus - Legal realism....NOT.

    Like all legal dramas some verisimilitude is sacrificed to the god of dramatic license to move the story forward. Often minor things in the eyes of laymen. Like service of case documents like subponea for depos...must be served by disinterested third parties. Was never done correctly in this film. California has a two party consent law meaning if a recording of a conversation is made both parties must consent to the recording or the recording is illegal and cannot be used. So the recording of the company rep about the explosion that led to the arrest of all those people just would not have happened. But it made for a satisfying ending. Love Thornton.

  • Howard and Shikha - End your dependency on anti-acid medication

    I took Prilosec everyday for more than ten years. I was constantly thirsty and I had a really bad case of dry mouth. When I tried to stop cold turkey, my chest burned with heart burn. When I read the most helpful review of this book on Amazon, I could not believe that lemon juice was a possible remedy when going cold turkey. It worked for me! I bought the Kindle edition of this book and skimmed it (it does spend a lot of time bashing drug companies, explaining the digestive system, etc). Towards the end of the book, it summarizes a variety of herbal supplements you can take to help your digestive system. Everyone will be different so experimenting is key to see what works for you. Luckily, most of the products are also on Amazon for a low price. I take the following: