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  • Walter - It is terrible software - buy Quick books pro instead

    Very unhappy. I am buying Quickbooks pro now and I guess just wasted my money on the Quicken Rental property management. If I had not bought on Amazon I could have at least returned something and got a refund.

  • Pamela Smith - Great product.

    This product is what you can order from your dentist but at a much lower price. I use this product and get great results.

  • Miriam Ulltveit-Moe - I too was disappointed ....

    I had received this from my daughter and her partner 2 Christmases in a row, and when they sensed my disappointment that I didn't get one from them this year, they ordered the new one from Amazon online and I received it as a New Year's present. I'm sure I will enjoy the cartoons as always, but I too was extremely disappointed that the "extra content" -- a little quizz, word game, maze or Sudoku puzzle -- on the back of each page of previous calendars no longer appears. That was half the fun, and along with looking at the daily cartoon were part of may daily routine when I sat down at my computer. Any hope of getting them back? If not, this will probably be my last New Yorker Day to Day. Pity.

  • R. Evans - Biotin

    I've been using this for a couple weeks now, and like others have said, I'm not really sure it stops the shedding. Generally I think it works about as well as any other shampoo of the same price range.