Community Health Training, Inc. - CHT provides public and professional seminars in pain control through trigger point therapy.

  • Whiplash - Learn specific treatment for acute and chronic pain associated with whiplash injuries that is FREE and can be done at home.

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  • Katie and J - Dirt Paw Gloves from a Roadie's Point of View

    Having been a Roadie before I discovered the tacky joy of early morning singletrack, I assumed that all of my roadie gear would work just fine for mountain biking. I had a helmet, gloves, a ton of jerseys, and bib shorts.

  • melody bailey - Didnt work long

    I have very oily eyelids and have had a very hard time finding an eye shadow or primer that would stay on for more than a couple of hours. This worked for about 4 hours before it creased. Purchased NYX HD Eye shadow Primer and my eye shadow stays on ALL DAY LONG!

  • Shirley Hawley - Worked but can't afford

    Did work for me but the cost is more than I could afford so I have to find something that is affordable.

  • Vanessa Luna - And it does great when it does

    Only fast charges if you can get the cord in juuust the right way. And it does great when it does! I have a heavy duty Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it only takes like 1/3 of it to fully charge it! I've been dissapointed with other batteries but this ones great!

  • Graeme Williamson - Hallmark and Amazon review

    I found it easy to use the only thing I found most annoying, was not being able to copy the address's to the envelope's other than that I would recommend it to anyone and thank you Amazon for your prompt efficient service.

  • Nicola Spears - Gripping, heart-stopping and unexpected.

    A fast paced, gripping read that will have your heart racing from beginning to end the Fall is unlike anything T Gephart has written before but she has delivered one hell of a book!!

  • John Pozatron - Creepy toe socks? Muscle compression? Yes please

    The compression is legit. I can further creep people out by wearing knee-highs with my 'toe shoes' or 'weird finger water shoes'