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  • BrianW - The product works fantastic. I installed it very quickly in the trailer ...

    After searching multiple products, the LevelMatePRO was selected based on previous reviews (here and on other site). The product works fantastic. I installed it very quickly in the trailer in a front closet so it isn't seen and can easily be moved when upgrading camper. We just used it this weekend and it worked fantastic! We do a lot of boon-docking (camping at non-campsites). It was great to back into a spot, see that is was nearly level side-to-side, get the appropriate blocks out, the be exactly level on first try. I then knew exactly how much to raise the front. I was done it less then half the time as before with using the level - making multiple trips inside the camper to check. Now, I know immediately from the outside before I even unlock the trailer door.

  • John C. Colson - Works great

    Mixed with water and sprayed on the foundation of our house (inside and out). Really stopped the annual migration of spiders and millipedes into our home, and it's pet friendly!

  • BooLou - These AZO gooooood!!!

    I don't have issues, but I find that taking two of these each morning seems to keep toxins from accumulating. Seriously. I'm not a snake oil salesperson, but I started taking them as a preventive measure when I felt "something" coming on several months ago. Since I strated taking them daily, I have literally almost stopped having migraines and...believe it or not...it has also helped when I do a little "drinking" the night before. I won't stop taking them regularly...EVER.

  • Gilbert Merciez - Didn't notice it didn't include a free State Program. ...

    Didn't notice it didn't include a free State Program. Price of individual State Programs is entirely too high! It's cheaper to buy a software package that includes a State Program download.

  • jennider - Good reading

    I loved how Ramsey got his self together n man up to do right with Emma. Kills should have a book for her.

  • neodiy - Polyseamseal tub & tile caulk

    I wanted something harder than rubbery silicone caulk for my bathtub surround and between the tub and floor. An article that I found on the web recommended silicone-free acrylic latex caulk and mentioned Polyseamseal Tub & Tile Caulk as an example. So far so good, after a month or so, although at first--following the 24-hour curing time--a few little surface bits came off when wiping down the caulk after a shower. I suspect this was due to poor application technique--e.g., not smoothing out the caulk soon enough with a wet finger after applying. Giving the surface a thorough cleaning before caulking is also a must to ensure a good seal. Use a cleanser first, then wipe down with denatured alcohol. Don't use rubbing alcohol! All told, it looks great, no more bits, and it seems to have cured even harder over the week following application.

  • Jazzerboy - Works!!

    This is the only product on the market that truly works. Don't waist your time and money on anything else. It does have a pretty strong odor of its own. I misted lemon juice over it when it dried and completely neutralized any odor.