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  • Manni - good!

    Bought this when my friend had a baby and I wanted to read to her. Very cute stories and it's great for kindle. Easy to read and hold a kid at the same time!


    In the past two months, I have lost neaarly 15 pounds and do not feel deprived of anything. My energy and endurance levels have soared. This diet feels perfectly natural and normal and I certainly don't consider myself to be on a "diet." The information found in this publication has been extremely useful in facilitating that result.

  • Dedalist - Great for leveling wobbly tables

    Found a copy of this book at the bottom of a garbage can, but after wiping off the old spaghetti, I found it to be quite an interesting book of complete fiction. I really can't wait to read the follow-up to this book, "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up: My Political Career In Flames" by Hillary Rodham Clinton, and of course the third book in the trilogy, "Why Doesn't Bill Visit Me In Prison?" by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • Amazon Customer - Scooper is HUGE

    Just an FYI to parents. The scooper for this formula can is almost twice as big as the other Alimentum cans. You will go through the formula twice as fast.

  • OSmitty - Seriously, the best product have I ever used on my face.

    I was roped into buying this at the mall after the saleswoman demonstrated it on a small patch on one of my cheeks. I spent my last 35 bucks on it (the "student discount") and it was worth it. I'm thrilled to find it on Amazon for a fraction of the price. I do not like the overly pushy Deja Vu sales people at the malls, but this is one product of theirs that works great (and the dead sea scrub too).