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  • E123 - Good resource

    Overall this book was helpful. There are a fair number of errors (especially in the Chem section), however it is overall a great review of Biology and Chemistry. It is lacking in the reading comprehension and verbal ability areas as well as the essay portions, however if you couple it with the REA PCAT flashcard book, it's a winning combo! I highly recommend this product.

  • Elaine B - I was having a terrible fullness and ache in my liver area constantly and ...

    Wow! I was having a terrible fullness and ache in my liver area constantly and after taking these the ache and fullness were gone within days. I won't stop taking them - first relief I've had in months!

  • K. Dorn - No toxic chemicals, generous rear facing limits, perfect!

    This is the only car seat I could find without toxic flame retardants combined with a generous rear facing weight AND height limit (my children will both reach most height limits years before the weight limits of any car seat). I first ordered another brand that claimed to be free of toxic chemicals, when it arrived it reeked so badly I had to send it back. This Clek Fllo perfectly covers my primary concerns better than any other seat I looked at: toxic chemicals and extended rear facing. It is also very sturdy, not the styrofoam headpieces that are in so many other car seats (which inevitably break in car seat shuffling) and the strong metal frame is reassuring. It is easily installable as well as adjustable. Width is narrow, I could fit 3 car seats across (this, a Recaro pro Sport and a booster) in the back of my Golf TDI, big plus. We did have to put the front seats further forward than is comfortable, but it fit. It is surprisingly light considering its sturdiness, heavier than a foam and plastic seat of course but lighter than a Recaro or a Diono. The only disadvantage I've found after two months of use is that the cover is not removable for washing. I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT. I hope my review is helpful.

  • MYBADMF - Like where there headed.

    If you have followed KOL from the beginning with Youth & young manhood with red morning light to Molly's chambers to Dusty and than to their masterpiece Aha Shake Heartbreak and after that the albums started to sound the same! Now this album is coming back to something different that I like and I can't give the album 5 stars but the over all service and so far it's been a great listen. It's on a 7 out of 10 right now but let the record grow but I would love to see them like the first time I saw them preform Trani in there backyard of Manchester Tennessee at Bonnaroo