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  • Cosmetic Surgery ireland - Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon Eoin Ó Broin specialises in Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Breast surgery, Cosmetic surgery Ireland
  • Cosmetic Procedures, Dublin and Cork - Cosmetic Surgery Ireland specialist in cosmetic procedures for breasts, face and rhinoplasty surgery in Dublin and Cork.
  • aesthetic surgery procedures - Cosmetic Surgery Ireland provides a full range of aesthetic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and face lifts.
  • Reconstructive Breast Surgery Procedures, Cork - I specialise reconstructive breast surgery and cosmetic breast surgery, including breast augmentation with implants, fat injection, in Cork
  • Cleft Lip - Reconstructive Surgery For Cleft Lip and Palate - Cleft lip and Cleft palate can be repaired with Reconstructive Surgery. The Cork cleft team manage children in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Non Surgical Procedures and Treatments - Non Surgical Procedures and Treatments, Botox, fat injection, collagen and hyalase at Cosmetic Surgery Ireland
  • Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Cork, Ireland - Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Cork, Consultant Plastic Surgeon based in University Hospitals in Cork, specialising in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Botox Injections and Treatments Dublin and Cork - Cosmetic Surgery Ireland provide cosmetic non-surgical treatments including botox Injections and fat injection in Cork and Dublin

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    I bought this for my 12 year old son based on a coworkers recommendation, he rode BMX bikes for years. WOW both of us were pleased, me with how well it was built and him for the fun and looks. He won't stop riding it !!!!! Also great price. One thing you should know is that this should be put together by a BMX bike shop to have it adjusted properly, cost for this was $40.00. You can do it yourself, but it was worth the piece of mind to have PROS build it.

  • Graedon Li - Judge this book by its poor cover

    This is just terrible. From the awful I-did-this-in-5-minutes Photoshop cover, to the poorly-edited content, to the sad attempt at formatting. I couldn't make it through even half the book. It's a rambling mess where few parts are well-written or logical.

  • RCKT82 - Terrible

    I've tried so many different ways to get this thing to light, followed tips from the included documentation and also from other reviewers. It's nearly impossible to get the catalyst lit and REMAIN lit. After reading the directions and other user comments/tips, I would be led to believe it's a defective item, but there really isn't much to the product (pieces/parts) to asses if it's defective. I have other zippo products and all have always been superb, this is a major disappointment to have a product with a prestigious company name stamped on it.

  • Old Firehouse School - Love them!

    We now have them in our preschool classrooms. Extremely easy to use and very comfortable. All the teachers love them!

  • nov1130 - My daughter will have less scaring because of this machine. Thank you.

    Well my daughter in particular have really bad blackheads, my daughter suffers from them o.k. her nose and extremily between her breasts, she suffers from very large breasts so they come together & that's why she gets such bad black heads.