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  • Carolyn Robarge - Great vitamin

    This vitamin seems to help improve the skin and energy levels. Started giving it to my kids, 18 and 14 years, but they had such good results, that I started taking it too.

  • Dewain Belgard - Better than nothing

    I rate this product 3.5 stars. Some people seem to regard 3 stars as negative. This is not a negative review. I purchased it so that I could enter my transactions in my Kindle Fire as I make them. I carry it with me 'most everywhere so this prevents the sales receipts (and way-too-rare deposit slip) from gettng lost before I record it. It also helps in coping with my tendency to procrastinate.

  • William Cheetham Jr - I looked up the installation instructions on the Internet and the install was easy! Improves the look and will help keep slush .

    Does not come with instructions! I looked up the installation instructions on the Internet and the install was easy! Improves the look and will help keep slush in the winter from building up on the bottom of the door!

  • Jose Hernandez - best one

    This is the best smartphone for me not gonna try it for nothing at all please buy this one if you can't buy one for around $300 or 400 or higher I have rooted my phone this one but I am soooooooo much happy I got out all the ad's & other stuff it came with I got the worlds fastest web browser on it & it is blazing faster I love my samsung galaxy previal 2 way better then any kyocera phones they suck on 4.0 ice creaam sandwich ics software updated no promblems on mines I pay $35 on mines I got mines for $40 & they costs $100 something brand new at any boost mobile stories & I have Unlimited everything Talking Texting & 3G Internet fast 3G without any problems sometimes

  • Williams27 - I love Swaddlers. The color changing stripe is very useful

    I love Swaddlers. The color changing stripe is very useful, especially when you have a newborn. My only advice is not to buy too many newborn sized diapers before the baby is born! My son was a week early and a surprising 9 pounds, so the nurses were using size 1 Swaddlers while we were at the hospital. I had one box of newborn-sized, so we used them when we got home. However, I'm glad I didn't have a stock pile, since we switched to the next size immediately.

  • Allen Muramoto - Top notch product and straightforward easy installation.

    Simple installation. No more than 20 minutes. Quality materials as mentioned in all of the reviews. Requires phillips screwdriver. A torx wrench is not necessary.

  • The Real Deal - Amazing price for what you get!

    I'm glad I ordered this when I did, because days later, not only can you not find this on Amazon, but you can't find it on the manufacturer's website either. Less than $50 for 1050 lumens was a deal too good to pass up. I'm not too sure about the 1050 lumens claim though. I have another light that is only 850 lumens, and it is definitely brighter than my TN12. The light comes in a heavy duty box with a lanyard and a sheath. The light also has a removable pocket clip. I carry my light in my back pocket and can't even noticed it being there. I recommend using the rechargeable 18650 batteries as opposed to the CR123 batteries. Those little batteries are expensive and they don't seem to last me very long. Hopefully more inventory comes in so more people can enjoy this great light. One plus for this light is that if you wish to tail stand it to light up a room, you can.