CSGOSTRONG - Win free coins and trade to CS:GO skins - The great thing about headshots in Binary Domain is that you need to hit a robots head several times before it comes off - destroying the initial layers of armour before blowing away the exposed circuits. During the next few seconds, its your chance to hit more headshots as the enemy deals with this new threat, meaning that one good headshot can set off a chain of them and destroy huge groups with a few bullets. Binary Domains line-up has robot versions of animals a gorilla, a jaguar, an octopus-thing as well as the mechs you might expect, but the fights are tense and tough affairs where youll get tossed around like a ragdoll.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Elysian Fields - I Would Bend for Dante Any Day!

    The book starts out with Jodie in her bedroom and then leads to finding her family murdered, and herself a captive of Dante and the Italian mafia. Dante is a hit-man of sorts for the Italian mafia (the Irish’s rival) and he finds himself “entrusted” with Jodie. He wants nothing to do with her, yet he cannot seem to let others take her. He is alpha, strong and dark in his desires. Jodie Walsh, on the other hand, is the sheltered daughter of an Irish mafia top man who does not realize that she is related to the mob. She is strong and vibrant, yet protected and unsure of her family’s ties and dealings. She is determined to do what it takes to stay alive and at the same time try and fight her growing attraction to Dante.

  • L. T. Barr - Affresh

    We noticed an odor in our HE washer and found out about Affresh. It really worked! And since it isn't sold in stores in our area, we were happy to be able to get it from Amazon.

  • anthony2823 - GREAT for older cars! A Must buy

    It goes against everything in my bones to like this product but I do. I do very much actually. I have had many cars in my lifetime and my Corvette is a garage queen. I am obsessive with taking care of my cars mechanically and in cleaning them. I honestly can say I have tried every product in the brick and mortar stores along with some pretty fantastic products such as JetSeal and Zanio Brother line up of car care products.

  • Amazon Customer - Meh, freebies work better imho

    Not enjoying this software. Too many disruptions, feel it could be interfering with WiFi connectivity. Especially do not like the online banking protection as it doesn't work well and I end up dismissing it. ETA: It keeps pulling up a file that I have as a potential threat. I've added it to the exclusions as I know it is not a threat and yet it STILL continues with annoying prompts. Double checked to ensure that the program does have the actual files in the exclusion listing and it does--yet these #$%&*ing prompts are besting me. Again, not enjoying or feeling very safe with this software.

  • Julie - loved reading it

    She didn't put it down until it was time to go to bed. Written just for students in a way they relate.