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City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Anonymous - Great stool for kids using a normal toilette

    We use this for our 3 year old. It is very sturdy, and heavy. It's nice because it tucks under the bowl when not in use. We used to use a normal step stool for him but he couldn't spread his legs apart more than 12" or so. This lets him sit like a "normal person".

  • Lois E. - Long-time User Gives Up

    I have used Kaspersky Internet Security for many years and never had any trouble at all. This 2015 Edition has caused many problems with my Laptop Windows 8.1 as well as my computer with Windows 7. I was able to successfully uninstall it from my Windows 7 with no left-over problems, but I have spent hours and hours, and days and days trying to straighten out the problems that it has cause with my Windows 8.1. I finally bought Revo Uninstaller Pro and did a Forced Uninstall, and it did not remove it or stop the problems I am having. I originally uninstalled it as I do any program, but Kaspersky kept running in the background. It would run at Start up, I clicked it not to run with msconfig, it came right back. I have never had any program do that. I don't know what is going on with Kaspersky but if I can get it out of my computer without Formatting my hard drive, I will be happy and will never try it again.

  • John C. - Cannot handle high humidity environments

    I purchased this hygrometer to use inside a terrarium in order to monitor temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, it only worked for a few days before it began malfunctioning, the characters on the display fading away until they were completely gone. It appears to me that the device could not handle the high humidity conditions of my terrarium.