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  • Angel Eyes 24 - Great items, can get them cheaper at Costco

    Fekkai is great!! I actually started buying the shampoo/conditioner/glossing cream at Costco. Then they stopped selling it for a while, which is why I turned to Amazon. As with anything at Costco, you get a better value because you are buying in bulk. Check to see if Costco is selling this first, then turn to Amazon. This shampoo/conditioner smells wonderful and the glossing cream is so great for your hair. I have really long hair, so i rub a quarter size in my palms then apply to the ends first and work my way up the shaft of my hair. This starter set is nice because it gives you really good tips on how to wash and condition your hair.

  • nutbrownbowl - Instant Gratification

    I am not great at Excel and was working on a workbook I just wanted to get finished. I wanted the book and I wanted it "now". Well, don't you know it comes in a Kindle Fire version and I bought it immediately. It answered my questions and more. I worked on my desktop with my Kindle Fire right next to me. This is a great resource!

  • fencesabre2000 - it's pretty easy to understand and get through without too much ...

    I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I will say that it is very well organized and really goes into depth about each section of the GRE, how to approach each question, and how to eliminate incorrect answers. For as in depth as they explain everything, it's pretty easy to understand and get through without too much headache. It even comes with a sample test at the end, and as long as the sample test is fairly representative of the actual one, I will score very well. If nothing else, this study guide has given me a lot of confidence leading up to the test.

  • Edward P. - New keyboard review!

    Ok my last review wasn't good because my keyboard didn't work but now I have a new one and I'm loving it. First of all havit's customer service is great they sent me a new keyboard no charge. As for the keyboard it works great the lights are beautiful. Now I would have gave 5 stars but I did receive a faulty keyboard but really that can happen to anyone.

  • Christine E. Parks - I don't care what the other posts say. I ...

    I don't care what the other posts say. I am a nurse and I know what I am talking about. This stuff works and will save you copays with a dermatologist!!! It works!!

  • Stanley Boggs - Don't like your pop-up

    The program is good, but I do not like the pop-up trying to sell me more stuff. I expect it from free programs, but not the ones I buy. That's just BS.

  • nicenirish - DISAPPOINTED

    I downloaded this product to upgrade from Outlook 2007 on my PC as it kept crashing. I am totally disappointed in this version as it does not allow many of the options that my previous product did, such as spellcheck options, word corrections and capitalization on first word. You cannot insert clip art only pictures. I would like to uninstall and deal with my previous outlook crashing!