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  • MLOR - I really liked the way the book began and it was really ...

    I got an ARC copy of this book. I really liked the way the book began and it was really steamy. Unfortunately, by the halfway mark some of the story unraveled.

  • aleek -'s out dated

    I purchased the software for business record keeping and billing. Never got to use the system beyond the trial period because it's outdated and the support team couldn't help.

  • Jacob A. Davis - The greatest Superstar recording out there!

    Having five other recordings of Jesus Christ Superstar, I was skeptical when buying this one if it could really beat any of them. Boy, was I surprised! The music has been wonderfully updated and re-orchestrated by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber himself and the new lyrics by Sir Tim Rice are even better than the original. With the changes, though, this still does not loose any of the integrity of the original 1970 album.

  • christa - 3 Stars for Now?.......

    For now I am giving the TYME Iron 3 stars. I have not had it long. I have only had the opportunity to play with it a few times. Each time gets better. Be sure to watch all the videos on the how to's and all about the iron, it will help you handle it and get to know how to curl/straighten your hair. The few times I have used it, it has been really muggy out and my curl came out of my hair quickly, then got a little frizzy. I am getting a cut this week and will be eager to try it again before going back to work in September. Good luck...WATCH the videos!

  • Lonniray - Unfortunate Result!

    I purchased this locally for my 62 Catalina 389 that had 840 miles on a complete overhaul but had sprung a rear seal leak due to inactivity. Believe the seal may have dried and shrunk. I tried adding a pint of the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. After only 20 to 30 miles of driving I immediately noticed that it turned my oil pitch black. As a result some oil that had blown out of the oil fill breather cap stained my valve cover. It was black and hard as rock, near impossible to remove streak from cover. Unfortunately it left a stain under the streak that I cannot remove. I drained the pan and filter and replaced the oil with new. Obviously I still have a leak from my rear main and hope I haven't damaged the engine in any other manner. Don't know if this is a unique problem or if others have had similar experience. I know I an frightened to use the product in my vehicle.

  • Misty Jordan - One of the best purchases I HAVE EVER MADE!... do YOUR HOMEWORK

    OH! One of the best purchases I HAVE EVER MADE! Gets rid of dark spots and scars, keeps you healthy, especially skin and kidneys. I gave to someone close to me, in my life that has a problem with alcohol, and BTW, it kicked him/ her straight sober within 20 mins, so I am sure, SURE it IS quite detoxifying. That being said, if you HAVE to take any medications, either do this later, or after antibiotics. Do your homework before taking. Take as directed. Do not expect any meds to work if this is in your system. ONLY TAKE WITH PURIFIED OR DISTILLED WATER.