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  • Pauly - Will pick it over an iphone anyday

    Got it from a local store and I loved the phone! The edge design is unique and appealing. Much better batter life and overall performance is great.. Not sure what's not there to like in the phone..Hope to use it for a long time

  • Tim Miller - Good and simple board

    Love this! The board is simple and you can read the stickers easily. Will use this product for every draft!

  • Tina - Gun does not work

    Purchased Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite for my son's Christmas gift. I bought the promotional package where I was supposed to get Cabelas Survival: Shadows of Katmai free. Everything shipped and arrived in a timely manner. My son opened it Christmas day and the trigger on the gun did not work. It does not come up with an error message or anything. It just has no response. So I return Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite and Amazon does not have this game anymore so they said they would refund my money. I paid $80 and got $53 refunded. They minused the value of the FREE game off of the $80. I understand this in one respect BUT I wanted another Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite and Amazon could not comply. I did not break the agreement. So beware...your free games are only free if nothing goes wrong with part of the order.

  • Luv to read - Save your money

    Poor,poor,poor reception. Much background noise. I guess this is a perfect example of you get what you pay for...

  • Michelle W - Nice size bottle, great price!

    I use this to heal cold sores, to keep scrapes and cuts clean, and my husband uses it as an antifungal ointment for his feet. I have used a few different brands in the past, and I feel that this one is very good quality and I would purchase it again in the future.

  • S. Rudolph - Boy, do I owe these guys an apology

    When I first got this product, I tried it out on a few things and wasn't impressed. It worked all right, but no better than products which cost less. I was about to write a three star review - okay, but not worth the price - when a tenant moved out of the rental house we own.

  • KENNY LAU - Fastest charger I’ve used!

    This is by far the best charger I've seen! Gives full juice to both ports at the same time! Charges both my iPhone6 and my Win8 tablet at the same time, and both quickly!