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  • Makakilo Man - Save your money

    Not very easy to use. I bought it to help me learn piano. Looks like now I have to learn how to use this software too. Not intuitive at all. Not impressed. Wish I had saved the $99!

  • WaywardSand - This Is An Excellent Kit In Terms Of Price/Value/Function

    Some of the Earthing Universal products are over priced in my opinion for what they deliver. But I have to say, this one is good value for the price as it can be immediately applied for a range of personal earth grounding needs at a reasonable price.

  • kidot - Hurry and buy

    Just that you all know - this is actually the ENTERPRISE VERSION. This sells normally for $497. I found out by calling smartdraw directly to inquiry what version this might be. They said: great deal!

  • IronHorse - Agelss Male Just speration of cash

    This product did produce any results. No Weight less it was just an expense supplement. Not for results just for sell

  • ndan151 - Exactly what I needed.

    Exactly what I needed. A comprehensive, no nonsense, step by step guide that is easy to follow even for non-accountants. Thank you!

  • Rebecca H. Lowndes - Weightless Protection

    Bought this for my husband -- his second, as the first one turned out to be the only one we could prevail upon our son to wear. They both love it! Virtually weightless, and quite comfortable to wear; also very well made, so that we're confident it's providing the best possible protection. Not cheap, but considering the ramifications of head injury, more than worth the price!

  • Paul Lambert - Good piece of equipment for senoirs.

    Solid and well made. Easy to assemble. DVD is easy to follow. I think this piece of equipment is an excellent choice for seniors. Probably not the best choice if you are younger and trying to build up muscles. Paul L