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  • Maria G. - horrible item

    piece of junk is right - I wished I had seen the reviews before purchasing mine - mine gets hot and the inside and outside metal (they claim is stainless steel, but I beg to differ, it seems like a blush metal) are fading and has no insulation whatsoever and it is hard to clean the inside sides, though I am not sure how they even get dirty as I hardly use it and keep the food covered....

  • S. Stack - Severe reaction

    Helped with pain but I currently have a horrible burning, itching rash where the patches were applied to my knee. The site is purple red in thee exact shspe of the patch and nothing is helping. I will be heading to the doctor tomorrow. I was unaware of any skin allergies before using this product. I have used Tiger Balm and Icy Hot with no issues. My husband found Salonpas at Costco and bought it for me. I prefer my knee pain to the pain of this rash!

  • Amy Byrne - Great Curry

    AudioQuest Diamond is a great restaurant. I personally love their curry dishes, but my husband thinks their aloo gobi is the best. Some people think $1,500 is too much for a meal, but I say that you can't overpay for quality.