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  • C amazon - I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for ...

    I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for Christmas. After giving the first one to her a number of years ago, she has asked for this every year. She is an avid reader and looks forward to this every year. This is a nice way to introduce new authors or those whose work is not yet known yo the reader. They have also compiled an anthology of The Best Short Stories of the Century. It arrived on time and was well protected in the shipping box.

  • phatso17 - This planer is a little beast I've ran alot of ...

    This planer is a little beast I've ran alot of rough wood through it no sign of motor weakening or blade dulling yet.

  • jeff heeter - duel mode exhaust works great

    the unit installed in minutes and worked just as advertised any one that has a corvette with the npp exhaust option should buy one

  • nickiecolie - The best tasting gummy vitamins I've ever had!

    So far so good! I've been taking these a little over 3 weeks and I have to say I'm seeing progress. They both taste amazing! So good that I want to eat all of them, so make sure these are out of reach of your children for sure!!

  • Betty Bennett - Interesting

    I received this book from Kindle Scout and received a free copy. Even though this book was predictable it did keep my interest. I didn't like the book at first but I kept reading because I wanted to know the outcome. By the end of the book I liked all the characters. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • Al Stoll - Cancer IS Curable "Naturally"-This Book Will Get You Started

    If you believe cancer is not controllable or curable, this book WILL give you the hope which traditional medicine (MD's) practioners destroy in our minds (not always). This book teaches you how to think for yourself by giving you many, many natural paths (methods) toward giving your body a chance to heal itself. I am not a personal friend of the author! This book entirely changed my perspective, paradigm, or way of thinking on health. This book was "the" book that started my interest in preventative health. WARNING: You may begin to question your doctors. Keep your presence and stand up for your beliefs. Doctors think from a "fix it" rather than a "heal it" perspective. I had Lyme disease and I cured myself, thanks to this book. (PS: This is the first review I have ever written.)