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  • giftgiver - Great bedtime story for fathers and sons!

    Love how every day activities are written from a superhero-like angle. I'd recommend this book to any kid who has a dad, or a grandpa or an uncle. For dads out there, this is inspiring!

  • blondefreddie - Great investment !

    This is my 2nd year using Norton's 360, I have 2 pc's. I'm the type of person that when I surf the web I go anywhere and everywhere.

  • bluek9 - Awesome stuff - Saves tons of time

    All I can say is that this stuff works (at least for me). I have a north facing side of a cedar home in Redmond WA. Over the last few years a noticeable amount of moss/algae had started to show around a 200 sq foot area of the cedar siding. I bought the .5 gallon and used just half of it (yes, definitely follow the instructions for 1-to-5 parts and you won't be sorry). I sprayed the mix as instructed on a nice cool evening and hoped for the best. The very next morning I checked it and the cedar was like new (well not quite but no moss any more). For my situation it worked that quickly. It did not stain the paint either. Like with any cleaning agent, make sure to wear eye goggles etc.

  • Cornelia Gamlem - An excellent resource

    This is a "must-read" book. Barbara and Sharon draw upon their own human resource experience and provide practical advice in a format that is easy to read. Their explanations of the HR function are concise and comprehensive. This is an excellent reference and it should be a part of the library of every managers, business owners and individual new to the HR profession.

  • Clarence Clay - Misleading Product, Avoid

    I'm the commissioner of my hometown fantasy football league. I purchased this product last season and it worked wonderfully, everyone in my league was very pleased with the live draft and the draft board. In planning this season's draft, it was a no-brainer to use this product again. Unfortunately, it appears that the product being advertised as the 2016-2017 draft board is the draft board from 2015-2016 (at best). In my draft yesterday, 32 players who were chosen did not have labels, including a number of rookies and standout players (e.g., Ezekiel Elliott, Thomas Rawls, Alan Hurns, Kirk Cousins, Josh Gordon, etc. See the attached picture, you get the idea). It's very disappointing that missing labels became a topic of conversation during the draft when literally the only purpose of a draft board is to provide labels for all players. Given the number of comparable products on the market, I highly recommend looking into an alternative draft board provider. Very unfortunate and, frankly, inexcusable.

  • Francisco Hidalgo - nice

    very nice, everything as wanted! real and serious person! is the one that I asked for, tks very much! nice making bussiness!

  • arty9 - Avast Free is a scam people! Don't waste your time.

    I don't know if they have changed this software recently, and the great reviews people are giving are based off an earlier version that was much better, or if the reviews are fake. But I do know for sure, this free 2015 software is crap!! If there was a zero star I would give it that! So, I wasn't expecting much given the fact that it is free, but it was much worse than even my really low expectations. If you download this, nearly EVERY feature it has is not usable unless you buy an upgraded version. Even the basic firewall wasn't working unless I paid!! Really? A basic firewall you couldn't even give me that? ALSO it has an option to scan your router to make sure its secure, and it popped up with this message saying my router has been compromised/hacked and its a huge security threat. I was skeptical (given the fact that immediately below this message is another one saying I can solve this problem and keep myself safe by buying such and such on their paid version, blah blah. How convenient right?) But I was still freaked out, called my computer geek buddy to double check this, to see if my router had really been hacked. After thoroughly checking it out he said everything was fine and they were just trying to to scare me into buying their paid services. So I uninstalled this SCAM from my computer and have gone with paid software from another company.