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  • pam m - Scion armrest

    Wife is happy with the ease of installation and how well it fits. Happy see now has an armrest to use for our trips.

  • Kara Paugh - Works to repel and kill!!

    If this product is applied as stated it really works. Ticks here in Michigan have become OUT OF CONTROL!!! Living on a farm with 4 dogs I was picking ticks off by the ten's everyday. After using as directed for repelling ticks it really cut down their numbers. After applying it over several days it seems to work better. There are still ticks, however they seem very sluggish and are not attached to my dogs. If you apply to the dog when you see a tick, it seems to work instantly to stun the beasts and then they are easy to pick off. I love love love this product. For the price and size of the bottle this is a must have for anyone struggling with ticks. Not really sure about the fleas and mosiquito thing but for ticks, for sure!! And I actually love the smell of it. Reminds me of Easter dinner. : )

  • Moises R. - Looks softer than it is

    The product looks a lot more softer than it is. I thought it would be like having my hand in a pillow, but it feels as if I had my hand on top of my leg. It's hard, but with a soft cover.