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  • Big Benny T - Worth a buy

    Not sure I would say this has lived up to the promise of magical unicorn sherbert (look it up) but it certainly helps. I have an ultra high toilet, so i bought the tall version, and it is great. If anything, I think it could stand to be another inch or two taller. I see a lot of people gripe about their being too tall, but I think that they are forgetting that the point of the squatty potty is to get you into a squatting position, so if that position is off of the seat, then so much the better, right?

  • pkscomix - Good Sketch Art program from the Start

    I ordered this product for myself as a christmas gift to myself. I'm digital comic artist and what I first do with any new art software program is to open a new file and do a bunch of doodles on the page with different paint and drawing tools to get a feel of the tools to see how they flow on the page. I must say this product is meant for the very purpose of creating wonderful doodle and art sketches. Really good smooth flow with using a tablet. I only tried it for a the first day but it seems like it can produce some pretty good final art renderings as well. If you like to draw and are looking for a good tablet using art and drawing software I would recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - worthless!!!

    This is an awful phone! The camera sucks, it's slow, it restarts, it freezes, and it deleted my apps, pictures, and videos. there was only enough storage for two apps. And you can buy a sd card, but you can't put anything on it. Waste of money... They won't let me return it for a refund.

  • Phyllis Huggett - It was not good for shingles

    It was not good for shingles, which was the reason I bought the product. It was however, good for a fungal problem but very expensive!