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  • AmazonLover - Effective, No Taste, OrderingMmore

    I was looking for something healthier than my afternoon cup of coffee or soda and now I have it. The ability to energize my club soda with all natural caffeine and no harsh taste was tremendous. The energy it provided was subtle at first but noticeable providing me that rise in alertness that is perfect for work or working out. (125mg Caffeine is significant) Most importantly it did not make me crash after, unlike all the other energy drinks I have consumed. I will be LYFTing every afternoon!

  • Joe Da Rold - Average

    Six teenagers in a small town suddenly disappear, presumed kidnapped. Until one dead body is found… and then there were five. One of the missing is Aurora Teagarden’s stepbrother. Halfway through the book It’s pretty apparent to readers who the kidnapper is, although not to the police, the sheriff, or the FBI. In Bon Temps, whenever there was action, Sookie Stackhouse was in the middle of it. Author Harris seems to have forgotten this, because in this mystery novel, the action occurs offstage and everybody talks about it. I grant you, Aurora is in the thick of the last scene, but that just points up the weakness with the rest of the book. I think I’ll see what Harper Connelly is up to…

  • **** - Jacobites

    A young Scotsman is imprisoned at Fort William. Helping him to escape is the daughter of the prison commander. Love between a Scots heir and an English miss doesn't thrive very easily when hatred and revenge become the ultimate test of survival. Good read.

  • eGrumps - Good product at the right price

    This is one great product (actually it is two products in a twin pack). Well made, and easy to operate. Light range and coverage in lantern mode is very good. Cost is minimal.

  • Michelle ( Mickey ) - Awesome for thick wavy hair

    I would highly recommend the Kendra Texturizing Taffy for those with wavy hair like mine. It smells great, works better than any hair spray without the stiffness and gives volume to the hair. The best part is,,, you only need a dab so it lasts a very long time. I put a dab in the palm of my hand, clap my hands together to get it on each and then smooth it through my hair. My hair dresser introduced me to it about 4 years ago.