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  • Teresa Phillips - ONE MAJOR FLAW

    I've had this vacuum for about 8 months. It is good except for one MAJOR flaw: When vacuuming on hardwood floors, dog hair and small crumbs actually blow AWAY from the vacuum. It is SO frustrating! This is because the *BRILLIANT* engineers put the exhaust on the FRONT of the vacuum. The only way I could actually get it to work on hardwoods was to vacuum very low to the ground (hunching way over). Then my husband rigged it by sticking an old giftcard/credit card in the exhaust vent to deflect some of the air upwards, and that helps. I am so disappointed that someone actually made a vacuum that claims to work on tile and hardwoods, yet has such a major defect. I would have returned it, but didn't want to hassle with shipping it back.

  • Howard Goodknight - Pretty Cool

    I've only use this for about a week, but so far it works perfectly. Despite the reviews I read and the unboxings I watched, it is surprisingly quiet. I have yet to have any use for the Bluetooth, so I haven't had any issues with WiFi slow down, I use a 2.4Ghz USB 2.0 wireless chat pad, and a USB 2.0 4 port hub, which work just fine. I had an initial issue with powering the device from the USB port on my TV, I ended up having to use the adapter that came with it. If all you are wanting is a device to surf the internet, watch Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, on your TV, this will not disappoint you. However if you are looking for a good PC, for the price, you would honestly be better of buying an HP Steam or similar device, in my opinion.

  • R. Chiu - Either it works or doesn't

    Topical medical product such as this generally falls into two category--either works or not. It all depends on your genetic makeup. You can read all the reviews and do all the research, but the bottom line is that you won't know for sure until you try it. Most men who lost, or is losing, their hair and is concern about it are most likely willing to try anything, and this has a good value when compared to the name-brand counterpart; the rating I gave is purely for the price and not the result. Unfortunately this product didn't work for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you either.

  • Kyler - Everything i was hoping for

    This is a great product. I was so excited, watching every review online for it after i ordered it. And I have I have to say. It's everything I as hoping for. Great resolution, I can play my ps4 games in perfect quality. Even see their stubble on beards. Now it's a tad fuzzy of course, cause it's a projector and I have it on a khaki wall. Bit still great lighting and nice and portable. I'd highly recommend this to anybody on budget or just looking for a decent projector. Nothing like my wall turning into a Netflix theatre :p thanks guys!!

  • Mike Gonet - If you want your wife to leave you

    The intolerable deuce that burned out of the insides of my anus may in fact had been the biggest in history. Thank you, Haribo, for the gargantuan, record setting stool (my son said he hopes that one day he will pop one out as big as ol' pops, ha). However, I'm still going to have to give this one star. My wife filed for a divorce after seeing the damage I did to the plumbing.