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  • Mike - Very Happy!

    I had SA USA 2005. Tried MS couldn't get the hang of it. SA is very user friendly. I use it to plot out trips, get mileages, etc. VERY easy to make changes, take different routes. I like the product and am very happy with it. I don't use the GPS function, although I did with the original one, found it awkward to use my lap top while driving.

  • Phillip Pham - Works Exactly Right

    I purchased the TOY03-AUX2 because the CD changer in my Dad's car was jamming and he just wanted to listen to the music on his iPhone 4s. The installation was very easy and required nothing but some tools. The quality was pretty good, I'd say about the same as a CD. Probably should use songs with higher bitrate. Also the box is VERY light. It made mounting it under the dashboard extremely easy. I just used Velcro and taped the RCA connections with electrical tape.

  • FCRichelieu - The Definitive Guide on Writing Style

    Little needs to be said about this book by Strunk and White. It is the definitive guide for anyone who cares about writing. I first read an earlier version more than 30 years. Although the book is quite compact, it has served as most useful reference for me all these years.

  • Eddie - Dries your hair out

    it just dries out my hair i don't if i should shake it harder or leave in longer but overall this dries out my hair for days, usually my hair restores its soft after a day of shampoo but this dries my hair even when i only use twice a week, but this has good vitamins though

  • randy c - super fun game

    AWESOME game great graphics idealistic game for down time and I have lots of it so I'm gonna keep on playing !