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  • About the Doctor | Shady Grove Periodontics | Rockville MD - Meet Dr. Brayer, periodontist in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Brayer is proud to offer regenerative and cosmetic periodontal treatment for his patients living in and around the Rockville, MD area.
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  • Josh - These Stubbys are great. The low profile allows going through things like ...

    These Stubbys are great. The low profile allows going through things like the carwash without have to remove it. I haven't noticed any decrease in radio function either.

  • Max Rockbin - VERY BUGGY even with lastest (April 2014) patches. Screwed up larger font views for disability too

    WOW. Another year, another absurdly buggy version of QuickBooks. This reflects my own experience. Yours may very.

  • reviewerofrandomstuff - Good seal, but can't keep wine completely fresh

    Ethanol (alcohol) reacts with oxygen to form acetaldehyde, which then becomes acetic acid, a.k.a. vinegar. This is why wine tastes like crap the day after the bottle is opened. This Vacu Vin product is easy to use, and forms a tight seal on wine bottles. The seal prevents more oxygen from entering the bottle, effectively limiting the ethanol to vinegar reaction. Unfortunately, the reaction still proceeds somewhat, because when the bottle is sealed, there is still oxygen-containing air in the empty space.

  • Lawyerpaulg - RIP OFF -- DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    I have purchased "Willmaker" every year since 2004. Every freaking year. I only use it for drafting living trusts. I purchased the 2010 version when it came out without closely inspecting the box. I just discovered that it no longer includes the living trust documents. I consider that a rip off -- there should be something on the box to call attention to the fact that the basic features of the former product have changed. I read Nolo's response that "Willmaker" was a misnomer and that they wanted to split the product into two products." One slight problem -- no one who owns a home should be making a will -- anyone who owns a home or has any assets should be doing a living trust. This product is completely useless for anyone having any assets. Oh, Nolo --- "Willmaker" has become synonymous with living trust software - hardly anyone uses it for wills. Kind of like "Chevrolet" is synonymous with "car having an engine." I want to see Chevy sell a car without an engine and then say, oops, so sad, gotta buy the engine separately. Buncha crooks - what goes around comes around, Nolo and Intuit.....

  • Kendall L. Vaughan - Long line of minor updates at a major price

    I spend most of my day working with InDesign so that is the product in this suite that is the most important to my workflow. The last several updates to the software have focused on adding support for ebooks; I find this problematic since only a very small amount of my income comes from ebooks. Most of the people who have approached me wanting to help them make ebooks are authors with very limited budgets. The bulk of my paid work has been coming from working as an in house designer for a small business so the last several updates (CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC) have been of very little value to me.

  • Sumthyme - This is a scam.

    An addict/ex-convict who has no background in psychology or behavior modification, who provides no scientific evidence that his product actually helps, is probably not the person you should be trusting with your credit card, or taking advice from on how to talk with your child. He may be recovered, and he may think he is actually helping, but there is no actual evidence for the validity of his claims, and lots of people appear to have difficulty in getting refunds or in being charged too much. Please, don't waste your time and money, and don't buy things that have five personal stories claiming that "it worked for me!" and absolutely no other evidence.

  • Cassi - Great sound. lightweight, but a little lite on extra features

    Bluetooth headsets. I have been through lots of them. Between my son and I we are using them constantly. I am always excited when I buy a new set of headphones. These are necklace style headphones. The ear buds magnetically attach to the battery areas of the headset that is around the neck. I do not feel as held together as I do with the retractable earbuds. The back of these are a little flimsy feeling too. The advantage to that is that it is lighter than other headsets of the same style. The earpieces come with multiple sizes to ensure a comfy fit. The listening time is only about 2 to 3 hours, where the others that I have had of the necklace style have gone well over 4 hours. So, weighing the options is the weight more important or is the stamina? Also, the sound of these are very comparable to other high end necklace style headphones. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lightweight necklace style set of headphones. The microphone is noise cancelling and the controls are fairly easy to use. It paired with my iPhone immediately. Price? Worth it. So, think about what priorities are, because it does not have to cost a fortune to get a good sound.