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  • B. K. Walker - A Different Book...

    This is a very difficult review to write. I usually listen to the audio book version of this series and there is no better fit for the persona of Walt Longmire than George Guidall. I have listened to all the books in the series several times over. Love Craig Johnson's writing.

  • zer0chances - 2013 Kink Gap

    When the package delivered to my front door, everything fell. The frame was damaged. Some parts were broken. I don't even know if I am missing any pieces to the bike. The packaging was awful. Everything was not in place. The box was awfully too small squishing everything and making some parts with dents. Although the bike was chipped, the bike can still be ridden perfectly. The bike itself was terrific. It is a reliable durable great bike. Even if some parts are missing or broken, the bike has enough parts to make it ride-able. The frame is really nice. You can also peel the stickers off without leaving any sticky glue on the frame. The seat is good. The tires are fat and the rims are excellent. The bike is a 5 star. The only reason i give it a 4 star is because of the packaging. In my opinion, this bike isn't worth this price and worth a little less but I purchased it to try this bike out and turns out to be a excellent bmx bike.

  • cole - It made me break out

    After a very awkward meeting at a friends house I felt pressured to buy it. It gave me inflamed red bumps all over my face after the first few times applying it.

  • R.Sue - Decent compilation

    Some good stories, some just ok. Worth reading if you like this series, but if you haven't read previous additions I recommend the 2010 edition.

  • Deal Catcher - NO results so far. Will follow up.

    Thin clear serum. NO odor or irritation. It glides on brows and once it absorbs is undetectable. I have really thin eyebrows and always fill them in, so it would be awesome if I could get them a little thicker! I am always skeptical of products like this, but I decided to give it a chance. So far I haven't noticed a difference, but it hasn't been very long. I'll update this review in a few weeks and let ya'll know how it's working!

  • InfiniteDamion - Well worth the money.

    Just glancing through this deck I could see a strong, focused deck that could probably stand on it's own without much editing. A huge amount of rare and useful cards makes this deck a good purchase for anyone looking for a new deck, or just looking for something to cannibalize, which is what I did. I already had a black-white deck and a token deck of my own, so I took many of the best cards from this deck and added them to my others, making them considerably more powerful.

  • Flowers48 - A treasure hunt with no treasure

    Diablo 3 entreats us to try our luck and seek out ultimate treasures and magical shiny things to defeat diablo.