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  • max pimentel - Pretty good; since I started I lost 11 pounds

    Pretty good ; since I started I lost 11 pounds ; by using these ; dieting and exercise ; do keep yourself hydrated . But I didn't feel these as much and I think it's because I use pre workout ; so I bought iridium hopefully I feel the effects more but these are a good start

  • gina - Not for everyone?

    I tried the skincare 6 step system. After looking at the ingredients, I found that for the most part nothing made me nervous except for the alcohol in the toner, however, I was really excited since I have used some Korean products in the past. At first, the product went on smoothly and felt very hydrating. I was a little worried about the fragrance since I have ridiculously sensitive skin more recent than ever, but since I've had excellent experiences with prior Korean products I continued forth. My makeup the next day went on really well and did not get cakey at all. Unfortunately that is as far as my good experience can go. After about 2 days of using the product exactly as directed, I started getting little bumps on my forehead and around my mouth. I shrugged it off as possible purging and continued the product. The next day the bumps got a little worse and also blind pimples were forming (pimples with no head). I then reverted back to my previous regimen of retinol and cerave at night and laneige during the day which immediately began to calm down all of the bumps on my face. After 3 days of non-use, the bumps on my forehead are virtually gone, but the pimples and clogged pores around my mouth and cheek are lingering. Maybe I switched products too soon and too much or something in the product disagrees with my skin. I am going to give it one more try since I don't want my mother to feel bad that her miracle product didn't work on me. This time, I am going to introduce the products slowly but I think I will wait until all of the bumps have disappeared.

  • Elizabeth Hargrove - Very helpful

    This book has been very helpful in my daily work at my office. We are a small company and I have not been able to go outside to take classes on the program, so the book has been a lifesaver!!