Dr. Mark Plunkett | Surgeon - Dr. Mark Plunkett has an extremely lengthy and esteemed career in medicine, with over 24 years of experience and education in specialty surgeries.

  • http://drmarkplunkett.com/education-of-dr-mark-plunkett Education of Dr. Mark Plunkett - To become the esteemed and well-respected board-certified Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgeon, Professor in Surgery, and industry expert that Dr. Mark Plunkett is,
  • http://drmarkplunkett.com/specialties-of-dr-mark-plunkett Specialties of Dr Mark Plunkett - Dr. Mark Plunkett, MD has specialized in an impressive number of fields, thanks to his intensive medical training, education, and hands-on career in several
  • http://drmarkplunkett.com/affiliations Dr. Mark Plunkett Affiliations - Along with a lengthy and impressive career in medicine,┬ánumerous awards and accolades, Dr. Mark Plunkett also holds an impressive list of esteemed references,
  • http://drmarkplunkett.com/resume Resume - Dr. Mark Plunkett Respected Surgeon With Over 24 Years of Experience Chicago Illinois [email protected]

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • T. Peterson - ... a first year medical student and this book is great. It really helps you to see what details ...

    I am currently a first year medical student and this book is great. It really helps you to see what details are high yield versus what your professors emphasize (trust me, it is not always the same). It also contains multiple different tips and ways to remember key information. Highly recommend for boards prep and for every day study!

  • Clementine - Unimpressed

    Very unimpressed with this product for cleaning shower tiles and tub as advertised. Fumes are horrendous and it only works a little if you scrub your heart out with an abrasive scrubbie. If it wasn't too late due to the Christmas rush, I would return it. Glad it worked well for some others, but they must have different problems than our hard water soap scum issue. Also did absolutely NOTHING for toilet stains from the hard water. Bummer.

  • Christina & Jay A. - Best insecticide by far.

    This has been the best insecticide I've ever used by far! I always find tons of dead insects for days after aplication. I use it once a season and keeps my home insect free.

  • Reginald Porter - Love them

    Love these, they have become my favorite headphones. I am able to use them while working out and while working.

  • Mule Farm - WOW WOW WOW WOW

    I have a small (inexpensive) elevator in my home. For 15 years, I applied a pound of Lithium grease when it squeaked once every 1-2 years and it worked great. This year, it started squealing ( my hypothesis is this awful winter was cold enough to contract the metal surfaces even worse than usual) and I put 5 lbs of grease on it without results. I tried Silicone Spray. Nope. I tried graphite spray...nope. I tried spray on Lithium grease, nope. I tried WD 40 ---(about half a gallon) with limited success that failed in 2 days. I called an elevator guy who suggest this stuff---So I ordered it and used it and it was magic....it has been months since I used it and I think I am in love ! This is THE best ! Unbelievable ! SIGN ME UP ! I do NOT know what these guys put in the can but it is MAGICAL ! If you have a squeak you want gone or something that needs lubing, just get you a can of it and try it. UNREAL !

  • Robert DiGangi - This product in no way shape or form represents what ...

    This product in no way shape or form represents what is shown in the ads and on television. Do not bother wasting your money go to your local hardware store and purchase regular grass seed, it will outperform this product by far

  • Richard Sandstrom - My wife collects these "DATED" chystals. I give her ...

    My wife collects these "DATED" chystals. I give her one every Christmas. She hangs them in our kitchen BAY window and they project colorful light shows throughout the kitchen and the living room. These were a bit high priced but sometimes they are hard to find at all. So ....