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  • Don Tonty - Includes 100 tracking spies.

    I assumed that any free antivirus would result in extensive tracking of my internet use, so the provider could make a profit. So I chose a paid antivirus, Webroot, naively believing I would not be burdened with trackers eager to offer me "services or products". WRONG. While downloading I was given a list of over a hundred tracking services that would be following me, but I was also given a choice to opt out. After choosing to opt out I was informed that the opt out only pertained to 8 companies, leaving me with a hundred intrusive and unwanted followers, eager to "enhance my internet experience". I am returning the favor.

  • Happy Camper - Nice bag; too big :(

    I am 5'2" and ordered the small size classic Messenger in Barley. It is so huge. Sending it back and am now waiting for an extra-small. I will be using this for carrying books on campus. I have lots of different sized books and notebooks and there is still room for maybe a water bottle and an umbrella, so it is big. The problem for me is that it all shifts around due to the roomy size. Now I am not toting a laptop in it, so that may take up room, but for me this it just too big.

  • rrussell - fun game but saving/watching vids is a hassle

    I love this game but I really wish I saved $10 and bought used (I downloaded it from xbox). It's a fun dance game and a pretty good workout (i'm bigger so any movement could be considered a workout!). They push the feature of JDTV. It is amusing to watch others. I quickly filled up my "local" channel (i think 20 slots?). i don't know if these are stored locally on my machine or not, but at times it will take forever to load. since i'm maxed out, i can't save songs in my local slots (or any slots). and it doesn't give me an option to clear it out after the song. it DOES give a warning before playing saying that i won't be able to save. so, the programmers could have done a better job. the JDTV is one of the top features that make this game fun: being able to play a recap and laugh at each other. xbox one has a 500gb harddrive, I wish they had more options for these saves within the game

  • Minnesota Ranger - FREE doesn't mean free all the time

    Using my brand new Magic Jack Plus (MJ), I called a FREE conferencing phone number and the call was hijacked by MJ. A recorded message told me that I would need to purchase time to connect to the number. I thought FREE meant FREE.

  • Hunter Green - Business Software - Find another program

    As a long time user of H&R blocks software, I have always had an easy time with the programs and love it for its easy of use and instructions. I had to rate this product as a 1 star because of the business program. Having just spent 1 1/2 hours with tech services to try to figure out the problem, I still have a product that I can not use. I have unistalled and reinstalled the program but am still having the same problem...There are no tax forms installed in the software, updating from the internet, does not allow the forms to download and I get an error message that states that my forms are not installed. I am requested the basics in forms, which ALL other tax accounting software have already released, but H&R Block's program does not have them yet...when business tax returns are due in 11 days, this puts a lot of stress on trying to get things filed correctly. Will seriously consider never purchasing again!

  • ktur - Great fit. Weak mesh

    It looks amazing. And fits great. The only down side is the mesh grill is not very sturdy. First large moth to hit it cracked the mesh.

  • run slow, finish whenever - Easy application and good protection

    I purchased these for my phone and for my daughter's phone after I decided I no longer wanted to use s full-coverage phone case. She keeps her phone kind of wherever, tosses it in her bag, back pocket, etc. She's already cracked screen protectors a few times and proceeded to crack this one within the first month she had it on her phone. The protector was SHATTERED, but the actual phone screen? Unblemished. I am 6 months in and going mostly strong. I did drop my phone once, while it was in its case, and the upper left-hand corner of the protector broke off but the rest of the protector is still intact. I would much rather purchase another $8 protector pack of two than have to replace an actual phone screen. These things do the job well and are very easy to apply.