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  • Jarod Hillyard - I thoroughly enjoyed using this kit

    This kit is often frowned upon by so called "serious home brewers." They call it too simple. At that I scoff. There is no such thing. While I only do small batch brewing, I have five one gallon fermenters I keep going at all times so there is always plenty of beer flowing at my house, I thoroughly enjoyed using this kit. It it far faster if you use Mr. Beer's recipes or refills, doesn't smell up the house with a 45 minute-2 hour boil, holds more beer than my other fermenters and is Amber colored plastic which is not as breakable or as prone to skunking from light. It is simple, wonderfully so, but you can make it as complex as you want. You can easily design your own recipe for this LBK (Little Brown Keg) and have more diversity in your brews as opposed to making five gallon batches. Plus it includes two standard refills, in this case Classic American Light and Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner. You can often find refills discounted at various stores or catch specials from Mr. Beer's website. Also, while I like glass bottles, plastic had its merits, too. Not breakable, easy to tell when carbonated just by feeling how hard the bottle is, and reusable. I've seen beer last for a year in the plastic bottle and still have adequate carbonation. Comes with sanitizing cleaner (a key component to good brewing), carbonation drops (which are handy), and an easily attached spigot that makes bottling your beer a breeze, as opposed to trying to run a bottling wand and siphon by yourself. It truly is a great introduction into brewing or a great addition to a seasoned brewer's arsenal. Cheers!

  • David - Deep, Encouraging, and Charmingly Humorous

    It's impossible to overstate how eloquent and practical this new Hybels book is! I am always blessed by the practical and winsome Christianity that radiates from Willow Creek Church; all of these chapters challenge the believer within a nice framework of salvation assurance. Our entire church was encouraged to read it; my wife and I both loved it and are prayerfully changing our life choices as a result.

  • Arlo - ... wanted a light weight stroller and this one is perfect. It features a strap when folded up so ...

    I wanted a light weight stroller and this one is perfect. It features a strap when folded up so its easy to carry, super smooth when pushing, a small space underneath the stroller for storage. I really enjoy and love this stroller!

  • B. Hill - East to Install....Looks Great

    This matte black fuel door provides a much cleaner look to our 14 Wrangler Unlimited. It seems to be made of aluminum, but I am not sure. The installation was very simple by removing the left rear tail light to release the factory trim. No drilling, no screws.

  • Theboomoperator - Hopefully it was able to help you make the best choice. Once Again thank you and happy shopping

    I was a skeptic at first, however, I did a ton of information on this Supplement and I decided to give this brand a try. What can I say … it worked as I expected.

  • Lesley D. Tran - liquid stuff works as long as you stop smoking for ...

    liquid stuff works as long as you stop smoking for at least 48 hours drink plenty of water and then take this the day of and you will be just fine

  • Jennifer miller - Too wordy. Not enough clear cut directions.

    The diet itself is extremely helpful, I'm sure, but this book is not. It is EXTEMELY wordy with useless information. Half the book seems like the author is simply trying to convince you that her diet works. You have to piece everything together and do your own research. For a informational book that is a guide, it lacks clear cut directions. It needs charts and clear cut directions because this diet is overwhelming and the people who need to go on it are often times stressed, sick, brain fogged, and overwhelmed due to their health issues. Also, most of the info in this book is on her website.