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  • http://durrell-law.com/about/ Law Offices of Justine Durrell, Esq • Personal Injury, Abuse and Biotechnology Law Expertise - Justine Durrell is a San Francisco Bay Area personal injury attorney well known for her skill in handling challenging, cutting-edge cases. She is a former partner of Ramsey & Durrell, LLP, a firm distinguished over the years for its integrity in representing hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • http://durrell-law.com/sexual-abuse/ Durrell-Law.com • 20 Years of Sexual Abuse, Clergy Abuse and Rape Victim Representation - For over 20 years, Ms. Durrell has represented victims of sexual abuse, clery abuse and rape. She was one of the first lawyers in the country to handle cases involving sexual abuse by priests and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of the survivors.
  • http://durrell-law.com/biotechnology/ Justine Durrell • Biotechnology, Reproductive Health and The Law - Over the last two decades women’s eggs have become increasingly coveted by other women, men, the fertility business, researchers, academic institutions and biotechnology companies. While egg donation is generally marketed as a safe procedure, certainly there can be no argument that the use of fertility drugs is not safe as compared to not using them.
  • http://durrell-law.com/news/ Law Offices of Justine Durrell • News, Press and Media - Justine Durrell is a San Francisco Bay Area personal injury attorney. View articles and read about representative cases or call (415) 524-8907 for a free consultation.

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