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  • J. Jordan - These cables changed my life!

    I used to be a sad, pathetic loser who ate ramen straight from the packet and who kicked mirrors a lot. Then I was able to save up enough money by collecting cans from the garbage to buy these cables- and one other critical component. I carefully wove the fibers of this cable through the fabric of my prized 3 wolf moon shirt, taking precautions to not undo the mystic spell craft that winds through each inch of sheer magic. Donning my new mega-armor, I simply walked the streets of downtown Austin. Within seconds, I was beset by hordes of European supermodels (why were there even so many European supermodels in downtown Austin?) and had to endure the painful task of deciding in what order to satiate them.

  • Mario - Low cost box saves you big!

    Let's start off with the do it your self projects, yes it's cheaper but everything will be on you there will be no warranty for wiring and all that good stuff... Alright enough of the boring stuff lets get to why I am even here! I bought this box cause it was not only 400 bucks cheaper then what I would of spent at the audio place to install it but the shipping was faster then McDonald's during rush hour! I was surprised but wasn't disappointed. The box fit perfect and now I have a system that sounds great but also kicks! Thanks to the box!