Home - Eden Health Care Services - Hope & healing wherever mental health needs are found. Eden provides a range of clinical and community mental health programs in Southern Manitoba.

  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/about/locations/ Locations - Eden Health Care Services - List of all Eden Health Care Services locations in Winkler, Altona, Steinbach, Winnipeg Manitoba.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/about/what-makes-a-mennonite/ What makes a Mennonite? - Eden Health Care Services - Mennonites have been around for almost 500 years. Read about the history of Mennonites and how that affects how we operate.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/about/overview/ Program Overview - Eden Health Care Services - The purposes of all of the programs of Eden Health Care Services is, “to actively engage people of faith in sharing Christ’s hope and healing”
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/services/mental-health-centre/ Eden Mental Health Centre - Eden Health Care Services - Eden Mental Health Centre provides psychiatric assessment and treatment and out-patient psychiatric services for those dealing with mental health issues.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/services/housing/ Housing & Supports - Eden Health Care Services - Eden Housing and Support Services is committed to assisting families and individuals achieve optimal quality of life within the community of their choice.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/services/music-therapy/ Music Therapy - Eden Health Care Services - Music therapy from specially trained therapists to harness the qualities in order to promote wellness and quality of life.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/roh/ Recovery of Hope from Eden Healthcare Services - Counsellors at Recovery of Hope are caring professionals, willing to work collaboratively with you to address the particular challenges you face.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/roh/therapy/ Therapy - Eden Health Care Services - Themes in Therapy include: Regulating Conflict, Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Parenting and Family Issues, Separation / Divorce, and more.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/services/segue/ Segue Career Options - Eden Health Care Services - Segue Career Options is the employment branch of Eden Health Care Services. The agency serves residents in the area served by Southern Santé Sud.
  • http://edenhealthcare.ca/about/contact/ Contact Eden Healthcare Services - Contact Eden Healthcare, Mental Health Centre, Pathways Community Mental Health Services, Recovery Of Hope, Segue, Residential Care or any of our services.

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