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  • dustijb - element

    I have had my element 46" TV for almost a year now and it has been great, or should I say WAS great. The HDMI ports quit working and because it is under warranty I called customer service. They informed me that because it is under warranty that they would take care of the problem. I faxed a copy of my original receipt and they said they would get a technician to come to my house within 3 days. I was so pleased that the company was going to do the right thing and that it was so simple for me to get it taken care of. Of course it was all too good to be true. 2 weeks go by and I receive a phone call that they are having trouble finding a technician in my area . . . and they want to give me a "deal". I pay 45$ for the TV I already paid full price for, pack up this 46" giant thing, go without a TV for a few weeks and they will send me a refurbished one! How great. I pay more, go without, and get some old broken one that someone else had a problem with. What a deal. I paid full price for my new working TV. I understand that the warranty says that I must pay one way shipping for replacement; however the company is full of empty promises saying that they would fix it. Because of its size they said I qualified for someone to come to my house. How is it my fault that they cannot find someone? Maybe they shouldn't go around promising things they cannot deliver. Now I am stuck making up the difference? Because my product stopped working in less than a year? I will never buy another element product EVER again. I will also be sure to tell everyone I know.

  • Fathima - Explains concepts need more practice questions

    simple hesi A2 study guide . It covers all the concepts in Hesi A2 exams it explains well with examples. It great way to start if wondering how this exam will be as it provides guidance explaining how different concept appears in exam . It has few typos or say grammatical errors but that's fine we can spot these clear errors . Overall a great study guide that teaches to the point but need extra Indepth knowledge it's better to refer some more books and videos before exams to be well prepared for the exam.

  • A. Clinard - Is there justice?

    Scott Pratt has created a story that forces us to take a long look at our legal system. People in positions of authority should be honest and people of great integrity. We trust in this to make our legal system work. When there is an individual who uses that power for revenge and the rush he/she receives, justice ceases to exist. Is there still hope when this occurs? Is it possible for justice to eventually be done? These questions along with a look at our prisons are taken on in this novel. Scott Pratt has created a moving and thought provoking work.

  • Samuel L. Worley Jr. - Poor Editing

    Victor Gischier's "Ink Mage" is relatively fast moving, imaginative & held my attention. Gischier is a very good story teller, yet I feel that I am being very generous in giving Ink Mage 4 stars as the editing is virtually non existent. The book contains many wrong words seemingly introduced by a spell checker and never again looked at. If he had employed even a mediocre editor, I would have given "Ink Mage" a solid 5.

  • Ralph Brandt - Visual Studio

    The disk arrived in good condition, but since I ordered this disk, it has not worked on my laptop. I have been on the phone with Microsoft tech support about ten times and each phone call was about two hours. Still it does not work.

  • Anita John - Vi Shake

    I hoped it would be in individual packaging. It is really hard to carry the big bag around to mix it. It's not very accessible and user friendly with someone on the go all the time. It is very good and great when chocolate is mixed with it.