┬░HOTEL EMBASSY SUITES DALLAS - PARK CENTRAL AREA DALLAS, TX 3* (United States) - from NZ$ 209 | iBOOKED - Embassy Suites Dallas - Park Central Area - The elegant 3-star Embassy Suites Dallas - Park Central Area lies within walking distance of Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts, Inwood Theater and Lounge and Greenville Avenue. Founded in 1984, the hotel underwent a renovation in 2009.

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City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Matt Price - AMAZING!!

    This antenna is PERFECT for the trail!! Get rid of that oversized OEM antenna that hits literally EVERY branch with this sleek (not flexible or rubber version) antenna!! I didn't lose any reception at all, and it looks VERY sleek on the Jeep!! VERY easy to install. One piece of advice however. When tightening this antenna, there are no socket locations, so there really isn't anything to grab ahold of. I used my hand to tighten as far as I could; however, the threads weren't completely down, so I used a pair of pliers to finish the job and wound up putting a small gash in the side. I covered this up with a sharpie (ha!) and it looks all black & sleek again. Moral of my story: I highly recommend using a pair of RUBBER-tipped pliers to tighten this antenna all the way down :) SUPER product!!

  • Sally - Social Security book

    With all of the changes anticipated for Social Security, I figured this book would be helpful. I haven't read the entire book yet but it does have a lot of good information.

  • Craig atkins - One of the best protection screen out there

    Imo? One of the best protection screen out there. I bought this for my S5 a while back then bought something else for my tablet, I was disappointed when I got the something else one.... it was cheap plastic. . Nice and all but I wouldn't want to drop anything on that cover..

  • Z'annae - FOUL! Pungeont and Evil!

    Mind you, I bought this product for a friend (and am leaving a review since Amazon suggested that I did.) and from the package itself I felt I wanted to throw up! lol, thankfully Amazon keeps it wrapped up safely in a plastic (but even from there the revolting stench could be 'whiffed' -- bleh! It lives up to it's name. (Smells of excrement.)

  • Paula Kassim - great book

    This book has been a definite plus for preparing to take my boards. It has given me very helpful strategies and eased some of my anxiety about the test. Would recommend this to anyone who is getting ready to take your boards.

  • Nana P. - Don't waste your money.

    Don't waste your money. We purchased these for our travel trailer and the mice literally pee'd on them. Our neighbor recommended this product but it did nothing to deter the little buggers. We are not giving up and we will win this battle. Next we will try battery operated rodent repellant device.

  • D.B. Spalding - Only lasted 10 months, then died. Pfft.

    Bought in August, 2012, used regularly (and unplugged when not in use). After a few months, I found that I had to move AA and AAA batteries around from one "slot" to another to initiate charging, which seemed odd. It then started acting even more flaky and died in June, 2013 -- ten months after purchase! Returned the charger to Energizer for warranty service (bad decision), and only received $25 reimbursement. I should've gone to a local big box store, bought a new one, then returned the bum one in the same package. Maybe not the most honest practice, but I would've had a new, operating charger.