Ohio EPA Home - Ohio EPA protects the environment and public health by ensuring compliance with environmental laws and encouraging environmental stewardship.

  • http://epa.ohio.gov/ocapp/Grants.aspx Recycling and Litter Prevention Grants - Non-regulatory program that provides information and resources to help small businesses comply with environmental regulations in Ohio.
  • http://epa.ohio.gov/defa/ofa.aspx Ohio EPA Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance - Office of Financial Assistance - Improving Ohio water quality and drinking water through low-interest revolving loan programs.
  • http://epa.ohio.gov/dir/publicrecords.aspx Public Records Requests and File Reviews - Ohio EPA policy development, rules, enforcement, strategic planning, state/federal initiatives, outreach, education and assistance.
  • http://epa.ohio.gov/pic/media/MosquitoControlGrants.aspx Mosquito Control Grant Program Awards — June 16, 2016 - Responds to citizen and media inquiries, prepares new releases, facilitate public hearings and implement public involvement activities.
  • http://epa.ohio.gov/ddagw/pws/advisory_map.aspx Current Drinking Water Advisories for Ohio Public Water Systems - Characterizing and protecting Ohio's ground water quality and ensuring that public water systems provide adequate supplies of safe drinking water.

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  • WDMoyle - They are all very outdoorsy and love to go on walks and hikes

    I got this as a gift for my mother in law. They are all very outdoorsy and love to go on walks and hikes. After her chemo she has had a hard time keeping up with everyone and not really wanting to go any more. In an attempt to help her participate with the family activities more I got this for her. Although she still tires fast this helps her do more than she would have been able to without it. It is very light so it is not a burden for her to carry and it collapses small enough that it does not really take up any extra space in the car on the way to the hike. You can easily adjust the height with a simple twist so it easily works for her 5 foot 3 inch frame or my 5 foot 10 inch frame. It comes with a great attachment so that it works well in snow as well. I love that it comes with a compass on the top of the handle, they are always so nice to have just in case. The strap on the top as well makes it very easy to secure it to what ever you need to. This is a great extendable aluminum trekking walking stick. I got this at a discount for my honest review.

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    As an 80 year old, crippled stroke victim, this device is a Godsend. My left hand does not work very well to use regular nail clippers. The initial trim did take awhile since my nails were longer than usual, but it went well and subsequent trims are quicker. My toe nails are a real problem too thick for the device...I hope the manufacturer will make one just twice as large as this one for toes...

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    It will not install under Windows 8 without jumping through a mountain of hoops. Tech support does NOT exist. I will never buy Roxio products again. Save your money. Nero has Roxio beat this round.

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    The first day I installed Roxio creator 2012, it looked working fine. I could copy my CDs and edit the sounds. After a week or two, it stopped working. So, I asked for an advice on customer service. They had no clue what they were saying. They just told me to contact PC manufacturer. WTF. I payed for an absolute trash and I regret it. I will never buy any Roxio product again. I hope you wouldn't make the same mistake I did.

  • Shalizeh - Heavy Duty Dog House

    I got this house for a large Huskie dog and this dogs destroy mostly everything! I was surprised that he couldn't dismantled. Yes he chewed on the sides, but it is about a year that I bought it and it's still standing. It comes with stickers to put the name of the dog on the front of the house. You'll have to assemble it, but is fairly easy, the only part I had trouble was the roof. It has some small holes that have to connect with other grips, but once you figured out,it is a great house.

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