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  • http://equinerescue.tumblr.com/post/12454250915/equine-advocates-a-non-profit-organization ❦Awareness Helps❦Equine Protection and Rescue - EQUINE ADVOCATES A non-profit organization working to rescue, protect and prevent the abuse of horses through education, investigation, rescue operations and the dissemination of information. SOURCE

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  • Elizabeth Gallagher - This is a great book for a first time traveler to Itlay!

    I think this is a good book for people who are visiting Italy for the first time. It provides you with a wealth of information on Rick's picks of places to visit, good traveling deals (ex. Roma Pass) and how to use the train system. It packs a punch for sure and is definitely worth reading upon visiting Italy for the first time. But as far as maps go...I am not impressed and as far as Rick is concerned there are no off the beaten paths in Italy. I do not suggest this book for someone who is looking for far out of the way places in Italy and who has already visited Italy. It's even hard to find that mix of touristy destinations with more tranquil areas in his book. But the book is still full of excellent history, enchanting places to visit and lots of places to stay/eat. It is a good solid value for those who are just starting to brush up on Italy. Thank you.

  • Brian - Makes the truck look so much better on the interior

    Makes the truck look so much better on the interior. Nice and bright white, not blue like the cheaper LEDs.

  • Riverlizzie Reviews - The Only Thing I've Ever Found that Works

    I thought I was past the days when I needed this wonderful product, but alas, my elder fur child has decided he can no longer climb down the stairs to the litter box -- and it took me a while to notice. I threw out a couple of pairs of shoes (darn it!) and didn't waste any time restocking Kids'n'Pets, since nothing else comes close to working as well. It means a wet area on the carpet for a couple of days, but when it dries, the odor is gone with it. Now, to the tougher problem of what to do about my feline son . . .