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  • Mrs S - Boots and Mark's Story

    Katie Delahanty is a new to me author. Believe is the 3rd book in the The Brightside series and is the story of Amanda, aka Boots, and Mark, the bass player for the band Brightside. Boots is promising surgeon ready to start her residency and Mark, tired of the big stage, has form a new band and is taking to the road for smaller venues.

  • terri m. - Won't buy this again

    I had read or heard that John McAfee wanted his name off this product because it had become so poor. (This was after I had purchased it.) I'd want my name off it, too.

  • meredith - Levoit is a good company and I'm really pleased with the quality and effectiveness of the purchase!

    After moving to Texas and never having allergies while living in the mid west, I have consistently had a sinus infection plus,more recently, chest infections from all the different allergens they have in the suburbs of Houston. I've tried everything, every antihystimine, nasal spray, allergy shot, antibiotic, different diet, religiously adhering to allergy sufferer websites but nothing helped-I was sure I'd just be miserable pretty much forever.

  • Debbie D. - Yuuummm

    Pretty much knocked me out. I fell asleep quickly and nicely. also very tasty. i have it almost every night and it puts me to sleep.

  • G. Johnson - Buyer beware

    I ordered online through the Tan Physics website, after reading more reviews I decided to cancel. I clinked on the support link they sent in my confirmation email and all emails to them bounce back as undeliverable. I have tried to phone them and after several minutes of a very annoying recorded message telling you a representative will be with you shortly another message comes on telling you they are closed. This feels like a giant rip-off to me.