Professor Ernest Schilders Hip and groin educational website | Based in London, St. John's Wood, St. Albans, Bradford, Leeds and Halifax - This website is designed to provide information about hip and groin conditions for both patients and health professionals. The site is also aimed at increasing the awareness about a new condition called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) or hip impingement. FAI concerns a large group of patients who, for years, have been stigmatised with unexplained groin / hip pain. FAI has currently been accepted as the primary cause of osteoarthritis of the hip. This webpage explains the variety of often complex surgical techniques available for hip preservation and groin pain in professor Ernest Schilders? practice.Professor Ernest Schilders is an internationally recognised orthopaedic surgeon, who specialises in hip and groin pain in young adults. His profile is unique in that he offers expertise in minimally invasive surgery of the hip, but also in treatment of conditions such as sportmen?s hernia, adductor problems and osteitis pubis.Ernest Schilders has been determined to unravel the enigma of athletic groin pain and has done extensive sports medicine research on this subject for over 15 years. He developed new surgical techniques to treat adductor problems in athletes, allowing them to make a faster and consistent return to sports. Professor Ernest Schilders has successfully treated athletes from the majority of Premiership and Championship football clubs, as well as high level athletes from other sports.Ernest Schilders has unparalleled experience in labral repairs of the hip, having performed over 400. With the number of surgeons performing hip arthroscopy dramatically increasing, the number of revisions or repeat surgery, unfortunately, is increasing as well. Professor Schilders has an excellent track record in successfully dealing with patients requiring revision surgery.Professor Schilders? London practice is ?The London Hip Arthroscopy Centre? at the Wellington Hospital, St. Johns Wood. His Yorkshire practice is based at The Yorkshire Clinic near Bradford and Leeds.

  • testimonials following arthroscopy femoroacetabular impingement FAI Professor Ernest Schilders London hip surgery - patients testimonials after arthroscopy hip performed by Professor Ernest Schilders the london hip arthroscopy centre results after femoroacetabular impingement FAI surgeryFor approximately six years, throughout which I suffered constantly with lower back and hip pain and an extremely poor quality of life, I was bounced backwards and forwards between various doctors, specialists and private practitioners whom I paid and none of them could decide what the cause of my pain was.I eventually had a hip-arthroscopy, in which the surgeon failed to notice the bone growing over the joint, which was causing impingement. I believe that he did mend a labral tear, but I think that because the bone had not in fact been removed, this re-tore during the six week check ! When I claimed that this examination had caused damage to the labrum and that I did not feel that the operation had been successful, the surgeon asked me what I would like him to do ? I think you can imagine what my reply was.thank you for the 'new life' you have given meWhen I could not get a positive result from this orthopaedic surgeon I asked him to recommend someone who would be able to sort out my hip, who would give me a second opinion. He recommended Prof. Ernest Schilders ? the rest as we say is history !!I honestly do not know what I?d have done if I had not had the good fortune to meet Prof Schilders, as prior to my appointment with him, I had seen someone in Podiatry for insoles, a variety of orthopaedic specialists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists. I had been for reiki, pilates, spiritual healing and too many alternative therapies to mention and passed about from pillar to post. I had been prescribed muscle relaxants and anti-depressants and it was even suggested that my problems and pain were a figment of my imagination. You can imagine how desperate and depressed I was becoming.When the Prof first examined me, I did not believe that he knew what the problem was and that he could fix it. However, the more we discussed things, I realised that he really did know !!. The relief was tremendous, I was so happy ? someone believed that I had a real problem, which could be cured with a hip arthroscopy. I had every confidence that he could and would, do what he said - and he did.I will be eternally grateful to the Professor and his staff and the Physio team who took care of my aftercare and getting me back to full health. Starting physio was the first time I could help myself and be pro-active, it was difficult at first, but as time progressed, it became easier. You need to build a good relationship with the physio and do everything as best as you can, all the time retaining a positive attitude. I feel that without the Professor, I definitely would not be able to live the normal, very active life that I have now.The Professor, his knowledge and expertise gave me my life back after I had been wandering in a medical wilderness for over 6 years ? he was the ONLY person to listen to me and believe what I said. Without being over dramatic, Professor Schilders saved my life. I feel hugely honoured that I was fortunate to meet him and that he agreed to treat me. Such a small thread led me to him and I honestly don?t know where I?d be without him??? incapacitated and depressed, with no quality of life.He is undoubtedly a Top World Surgeon but remains modest, friendly and approachable. I believe that it would be a disaster of huge proportions to the many people suffering from hip impingement problems, if he is not given every assistance for funding and research to continue his important work.

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