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  • Baldor - Not PES2013

    This game is not a major advance over PES2013. Even the gameplay seems slower than PES2013. The patches lanched by Konami tried to fix the situation but the row product indeed is bad.

  • Tyler Ambrose - Nearly Perfect

    I really do love the sensor in this mouse it's the best I've ever used. However, I returned it because of one problem and that is the fact that I have sweaty hands so gripping this mouse during extended gaming sessions becomes a very conscious chore for me because I need to focus more on gripping the mouse than aiming/playing. That said if you have dry hands this mouse is absolutely amazing.

  • Slimpickenz - Nice flavor, moist and chewy

    The flavor of this jerky is overall pleasant, and while the taste of the seasonings is nice, you can still taste the flavor of the beef. The use of allspice as a flavoring agent is different from most jerkies that I eat; however, I did enjoy it, as this product did not go overboard with it. The meat is tender and chewy, a bit more chewy than I prefer actually. At $8 for 2 oz, this is definitely on the pricier end for jerky, but the beef is grass fed and the flavor of the meat really comes through. The problem with chewier jerkies is the fat doesn't render as well, and I had a large piece of fat on one of the pieces of jerky, which was off-putting when I tried to eat it. This was only one piece out of the whole bag though, the rest of the bag was mostly fat free.

  • Amazon Customer - I used this several years ago in combination with other ...

    I used this several years ago in combination with other herbs/products and it did eliminate the yeast overgrowth (confirmed) back then. Have had 2 subsequent tests with no trace of yeast albicans overgrowth. Now I'm still batteling bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), but that treatment protocol is a little different.