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  • Amazon Customer - Works As Advertised (2008 Acadia)

    Arrived in about 3 days: great price, great results, a snap to install. -- just screw it in and tune your radio.

  • Amazon Customer - MY Girls are dancing their butts off :)

    Lwt me just say my daughters LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. They had it for the x box 360, and they did like it a lot, but this kinnect works soooo much better. MY 5 year old used to get frustrated because sometimes the old connect would miss her movements, this one doesn't miss a thing! It sees everything, and they are beyond excited every time they play!

  • Marsha Werner - Seller was good and the product itself is good

    Seller was good and the product itself is good. In my opinion the 2015 core set had some very useful cards in it, way better than the Khans of Tarkir cards (in my opinion).

  • Daisy70 - Great cycling computer!

    A little sophisticated for my needs, as I am not on a cycling team nor do I race. I bike 21 miles every day for weight loss. Still, I love this little gadget. I've got a couple screens set up for distance, speed, time, time of day, temperature, battery, calories, and I'm sure I've missed a couple more. I upgraded from the 520, and I LOVE the touchscreen, it makes using it so much easier, even with gloves on. Have not used navigation yet nor live tracking but plan to do so in the very near future. It's nice that there is an accident alert feature as well. I have used the virtual partner a couple times, not to really race but to motivate me to keep my speed at a certain level or higher. I know I'm just using the "tip of the iceberg"...this has features I likely will never use. But the features I do use are AWESOME and keep my rides interesting. Well worth the money IMO (and first decided to buy one when my iPhone's gps app started using up most of my phone battery. Now I have plenty of battery life during my ride and don't have to mount my phone. The Garmin 820 tells me all I need to know).

  • KEE L. - Natural hair bliss

    Wow. Design essentials is like butter. This is the only place I can find stimulation without having to buy the big one. I will be using this on every wash. African American hair is hard to manage without the right products. Natural and kinky living it